Can There Be Too Many Family Photos In A House? (Fixed)

Family photos are an extension of your memories and a wonderful addition to any house.

These photos are what personalize the space and give it a bit of value that makes you feel at home. If not, you are going to feel like something is missing and it will take away from the character of the space.

Keeping this in mind, there is a limit to how many family photos you have in the house. You can have too many family photos in the house.

If you have too many family photos in the house, start by using picture frames, choose specific photos, and make sure to focus on spreading them out. An extensive collection of photos will look odd and out of place.

In a situation where you are looking to hang family photos on the wall, choose 3-5 that will go together.

These can be family photos that are important to you and will matter a lot when it comes to the overall value you get.

This article will provide a few tips when you are managing too many family photos in the house.

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Tips When Managing Too Many Family Photos In A House

1. Choose 3-5 Family Photos

No pictures of the family in a house are extreme.

It’s not a good way to personalize the space even if you attempt to choose personal decorations and/or wall art pieces.

However, it is also possible to go in the opposite direction and end up with an excess of family photos that overwhelm anyone that takes a look at them.

You never want a situation where all a person sees in the room are photos. This is annoying and not appealing. It will also take away from the rest of your decor.

So, what do you do then?

You will want to start by choosing a set of photos that are dear to you. These can be 3-5 important photos that will display more about your family.

These are the photos you are going to hang on the wall or display on a table. The rest will have to be removed.

too many family photos in house

2. Create Personal Albums

Let’s assume you have hundreds of valuable photos.

There is no reason to toss out the family photos just because you are not going to display them on the wall or on a table.

Instead, you are going to want to create a separate photo album.

These albums are a great way to store the photos and have them on hand whenever you want to go back to look at the memories you have created.

There is nothing wrong with doing this and it is a great project to complete in your free time.

The only thing you want to avoid is displaying all of these photos out in the open.

3. Start To Declutter Your Space

Next, you are going to want to declutter the space.

This is similar to creating personal photo albums for the extras. However, the goal is to also make sure you are removing other items that are associated with the photos (i.e. artifacts, frames).

The goal should be to minimize the impact of the photos when it comes to the amount of space that’s being used up.

It is the amount of space that’s used which begins to overwhelm the eyes.

Don’t let this happen by opening up space in the room.

too many family photos in house

4. Spread Out The Photos

You will always want to spread out the photos.

Yes, you can choose 3-5 photos and put them on one wall. This is fine and it can be done by evenly spreading them out on that wall.

However, if you go beyond this number, you will want to spread them out throughout the house.

This way you can look at the family photos and not overwhelm the eyes because there are too many of them in one spot.

It does not look nice and it is going to take away from everything else that has been done in the room.

This includes the furniture, wall art, and/or anything else that is set up.

Final Thoughts

Can there be too many family photos in a house?

You can have too many family photos in a house. To fix this issue, choose 3-5 family photos, spread them throughout the room or house, and leave the rest in a personal photo album that is stored away.

This is the best way to make sure you are getting to keep the family photos that are dear to your heart without displaying them out in the open.

Too many family photos don’t look nice and it will begin to take away from everything else you do in the house.

If you think about this, you are going to see exceptional results and it will work out well.

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