Can Toilet Leak Under Tile?

It is not a nice sight to deal with but leaks under the tile are common in bathrooms. It is something you will not want to spread as it can damage not only the flooring but the structural integrity of the property. Due to this, you will want to figure out where the water is coming from and whether or not it can get under the tiles. This includes asking, can toilet leak under tile?

Toilets can leak under tiles and this is due to water seeping through hairline cracks near the base. In most cases, it is a trickle of water that continues to pour onto the floor before it spreads underneath the flooring.

This is not only seen with tiles but any type of flooring inside the bathroom. Due to this, it’s important to act quickly and repair the hairline crack before the entire bathroom floor is ruined!

Key factors include:

  • Location of the Leak
  • Amount of Water
  • Age of the Tiles

In this type of situation, your top priority has to be to figure out where the leak is coming from. It doesn’t matter whether or not you fix the tiles because the water will ruin it again as soon as the toilet bowl leaks!

As a result, you will want to ask “Can toilet leak under tile?” and make it a priority to focus on figuring out where the moisture is coming from.

In most cases, you will notice where the water is puddling and that is where you will want to start focusing your eyes on.

Here is more on the query “Can toilet leak under tile?” with a look at what you can do when water starts to leak from a tile and go under the tiles in the bathroom.

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Tips for Repairing Toilet Leak Under Tile

1. Find the Source of the Leak

The first thing you are going to want to do is find where the leak is coming from.

In most cases, the leak is going to be either along the toilet bowl or near the base. This is where your eye should go.

Of course, it is difficult to spot hairline cracks in a toilet, so you will want to find where the water is dripping.

As soon as you do this, you will notice a hairline crack running from one end to the other. This is what you are going to have to repair quickly.

Can toilet leak under tile

2. Use a Specialized Repair Kit

If you are wondering “Can toilet leak under tile?” you will need to find a way to fix the crack as soon as possible.

This is a must.

To do this, you are going to want to use a porcelain repair kit for toilets. These are specialized kits that can be used for porcelain that has cracks in it.

Specialized porcelain repair kits are affordable and should be utilized to fill hairline cracks along the toilet bowl and/or base of the toilet.

A simple use of this kit will go a long way.

The crack will get filled in and it will stop leaking. Make sure to do this right way, so you don’t have to worry about the tiles getting damaged again.

Can toilet leak under tile

3. Replace Damaged Tiles

What about the tiles in your bathroom?

Even if you have fixed the leak, you will still need to look at the damaged tiles. This means taking them out and replacing them with new ones.

In most cases, you will want to remove single tiles around the toilet.

Grout removal tools should be used to remove single tiles without damaging the others around them. This is seamless, effective, and will lead to good aesthetic results.

With the grout removal tool, you can quickly get rid of the damaged tiles and easily replace them with similar replacements.

This is key when asking “Can toilet leak under tile?” or you are going to end up with an odd-looking bathroom near the base of the toilet!

Related Questions

1. How Do I Know If My Toilet Is Leaking Under The Tile?

Common signs of a toilet leaking under the tile include moist spots on the floor, strange hissing sounds from the toilet, and/or stains on the tiles.

2. Why Is My Toilet Leaking From Underneath?

Toilets can start leaking from underneath because the seal begins to lose its hold. Once the seal loses its hold, it’s common for water to start leaking through in small amounts. Another reason can include a hairline crack in the porcelain, which causes water to spurt through onto the floor.

Final Thoughts

“Can toilet leak under tile?”

Toilets can most certainly leak under tiles and do so when the seal breaks. It can also happen if there is a hairline crack on the toilet bowl or near the base.

It is important to repair this before things get worse and all of the tiles are damaged from spreading water.

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