Can We Put Microwave Near Stove? (Answered)

Microwaves are an essential component of any modern-day kitchen. You will want to make sure it works well and is situated in a safe spot that doesn’t make it a hazard. Keeping this in mind, you might wonder, can we put microwave near stove?

It is recommended to put the microwave at least two feet away from the stove. The reason is to avoid igniting a spark between the two appliances due to heat production. This is a common concern due to the amount of heat stoves can generate.

By having at least a two-foot gap, you are going to eliminate most of this risk immediately. For this reason alone, it is best to keep the microwave two feet away from stoves.

Key reasons include:

  • Size of the Microwave
  • Layout of the Kitchen
  • Size of the Stove

Setting up the microwave close to a stove is something many homeowners do. While it might not lead to immediate issues, there is a safety aspect to it that cannot be ignored.

You are better off making sure to create a gap between the microwave and stove. It is better for your peace of mind and the safety of your kitchen.

For those asking “Can we put microwave near stove?” this article will answer what to consider when you are placing the microwave in the kitchen.

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Tips On Placing Microwave In The Kitchen

1. Stay Away From The Stove

When asking “Can we put microwave near stove?” your first priority has to be to make sure the microwave is not close to this appliance.

Any appliance that can overheat should not be close to the microwave. This is not worth the risk and it could lead to a fire.

Does this mean you need to have them on the opposite ends of the kitchen? No, this is untrue as you are still okay to have them in the same area as long as there is a small gap of 2-3 feet. This will be more than enough to keep both appliances in good working condition without creating a safety hazard in the kitchen.

This is a key detail you cannot ignore when setting up the microwave in your kitchen.

can we put microwave near stove

2. Use a Different Outlet

Which outlet are you going to be using for the different appliances in the kitchen?

When asking “Can we put microwave near stove?” a lot of people only think about the distance between the two appliances. However, you also want to account for the outlet that is going to be used.

You should not have both connected to the same outlet. This will overload the outlet and lead to serious issues.

It is recommended to avoid having two appliances connected to the same outlet as this can create a power outage in the room due to overloading.

This rule isn’t just reserved for stoves and microwaves. It also applies to other appliances including your fridge.

It is better to make sure the load is being spread to different outlets.

This is going to make it easier for power outages not to ruin the appliances and/or other power-related issues to arise.

can we put microwave near stove

3. Don’t Press It Against Anything

If you are wondering “Can we put microwave near stove?” then it is also important to look at how the microwave is set up in the kitchen.

This includes whether or not it is pressed up against something.

For example, you would not want to have the microwave pressed against a wall. This could ruin the wall as soon as the microwave heats up.

When pressed against a wall or any other appliance, it is possible for overheating to occur, which can damage everything around the appliance.

Do not underestimate the amount of heat a microwave can generate. This is one of the reasons you don’t want to have the microwave close to a stove.

The heat production is a safety risk.

You should make sure it is set up in a way where it is not up against something even if it is just a plain wall.

Related Questions

1. How Close Can A Microwave Be To The Stove?

The microwave should be at least 2 feet away from the stove for maximum efficiency and safety. Any closer and it can become a safety risk.

2. Where Should You Not Put A Microwave?

You should not put a microwave right up against the wall, too close to the stove, and/or far away from a power outlet.

Final Thoughts

“Can we put microwave near stove?”

It is not recommended to have the microwave too close to a stove. This includes making sure you have a small gap between the two appliances of at least two feet.

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