Can You Add Soft Close To Existing Drawers? (Solved!)

Modern kitchens are moving away from traditional drawers.

Those drawers are loud, break easily, and simply don’t have the stylistic appeal you’re looking for as a property owner. This is why more and more people are leaning towards a “soft close” drawer.

Does this mean you have to change everything? Can you add soft close to existing drawers?

You can add soft close slides to existing drawers. To do this, the drawer requires a 1/2″ clearance to allow for the slide to settle in and function as intended. Soft close slide kits are easy to install and will change the way a drawer closes immediately.

This is a neat, little update that is perfect for any kitchen.

If you are not looking to renovate everything then this is a nice adjustment that will improve the overall performance of your drawers. It will also increase the longevity of the cabinets and that’s never a bad thing!

Here is a look at the main tips for adding soft close to your existing drawers at home.

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Tips For Adding Soft Close To Existing Drawers

1. Use Quality Slides

The first thing you have to focus on is the kit itself.

This means finding a soft close kit for existing drawers that will be easy to install. These kits are readily available online and are not going to be pricey.

The goal is to find slides that are well-reviewed and are going to be in line with what your drawers need.

It’s best to go through the reviews and only choose a slide kit that will be easy to set up and is not going to break down over time. This is a must due to the stress that is put on the drawer slide when it is assembled.

What should a slide kit include for your drawer?

A soft close slide for kitchen drawers should have a steel construction, handle at least 50 lbs. of force, and provide the “soft close” feature that you’re after.

As long as you find something like this, you are going to be well on your way to soft closer drawers in the kitchen.

can you add soft close to existing drawers

2. Measure the Existing Slide

The existing slide is also going to play a role in how the installation phase unfolds.

Traditional drawers will have rigid slides that are screwed against the side of the base This is done to make sure the drawer slides back and forth as you want it to.

This allows the slide to move as you want it to and keeps it safe at the same time.

As a result, you will want to take the time to measure the existing slide. This can make it easier to find a kit that is the perfect match.

The soft close slide should be snug with the drawer to make sure it functions as intended. Any gaps will cause the drawer to make unwanted noises.

For the most part, the soft close slide kit is going to be the same regardless of where you are buying it.

The goal is to make sure it will be a good fit and it is not going to become stuck as soon as the drawer is synced with the slide.

This is why even a few inches can ruin the installation process. Focus on this and get the measurements down before buying a new slide kit for the kitchen drawers.

can you add soft close to existing drawers

3. Aim For 1/2″ Clearance

This is a key detail to think about as a homeowner.

You will want to measure the clearance on both sides of the drawer. There should be a small gap that allows the drawer to move in and out.

This should measure in at 1/2″.

If you are not getting this type of clearance, it might become difficult to install a slide kit on existing drawers.

The 1/2″ clearance allows the drawer to close with the new “soft close” mechanism. Otherwise, it will get stuck halfway.

Keep this in mind as soon as you begin.

You will want the clearance to be there or you might have to start reshaping the drawers and that can make it a time-consuming task.

Related Questions

1. Can You Change Regular Drawers To Soft Close?

Regular drawers can be changed to soft close using a specialized slide kit. The new “soft close” slide replaces the existing part holding the drawer in place. Once installed, any drawer will become a soft close one.

2. Are Soft Close Drawers Worth It?

Soft closer drawers are worth it and can increase the value of the property. This is seen as a luxury feature in modern kitchens and increases the longevity of each drawer.

Final Thoughts

Can you add soft close to existing drawers?

You can add soft close slides to existing drawers without damaging them. The slide will replace the existing one and allow for the soft close mechanism to be activated. It’s an easy installation process that can immediately upgrade a kitchen.

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