Can You Iron Dri Fit Shirts? (Solved)

Dri Fit shirts are renowned for doing well when dealing with moisture.

This creates a situation where you are going to want to consider everything associated with removing wrinkles from dri fit shirts to ensure they look good.

While this is something you should be doing, you will want to make sure it’s done the right way. This includes asking, can you iron dri fit shirts?

No, you should not iron dri fit shirts. The moisture-wicking material is designed to withstand moisture, which does not respond well to high heat. It can cause distortion, melting, and/or unwanted damage.

For the most part, it’s best to use a fabric steamer to remove wrinkles from a dri fit shirt.

This will do a better job of making sure the fabric does not get ruined.

Here is a look at the main reasons to not iron dri fit shirts and what you should be doing to remove wrinkles from them over time.


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Reasons To Not Iron Dri Fit Shirts

1. Causes Distortion

The one issue people are going to notice will involve distortion in the shirts.

This can happen due to the presence of high heat.

When ironing dri fit shirts, the heat is going to have a tremendous effect on how the material feels. This is not only going to be noticeable due to the warmth but also how it is going to cause the material to look.

It’s going to feel and look distorted.

This is due to the material being designed to withstand sweat, which means it is not going to do as well against heat.

It is better to use other heating methods to make sure the fabric does not get ruined due to the added pressure of an iron on top of it.

It might not be noticeable at first but it is going to get worse with time.

This is why repeated ironing sessions will take away from how the dri fit shirt ages. It is not going to do as well.

2. Material Will Melt

It’s also important to consider how the heat is going to impact the material’s structural integrity.

Dri fit shirts are robust but that does not mean they are going to withstand direct heat in this manner.

The material is going to begin to show signs of melting.

This might not happen right away but it’s going to become a consistent issue if you continue to press down on the dri fit shirt with an iron.

It’s better to use a fabric steamer due to this reason.

You are not going to want to melt the material and that will happen if you are not careful about the approach you are taking.

3. Makes The Fabric Less Effective

In general, the main purpose of a dri fit shirt is to make sure the moisture is kept under control.

A lot of people will want to ensure the shirt does not get drenched and it won’t. This is what makes the material useful in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is also the reason you are not going to want to iron a dri fit shirt. The shirt is going to lose its shape when this happens and that is the last thing you are going to want to see happen.

It is not good to start ironing a dri fit shirt because it will become less effective. It will not do well with moisture like it used to.

4. Better Methods To Remove Wrinkles

Let’s assume you are dealing with wrinkles in a dri fit shirt.

What are you going to do about it?

Are you straight out of luck?

No, the better option is going to be a fabric streamer for the dri fit shirt. Using a fabric steamer with a dri fit shirt is going to get the job done and will make sure the wrinkles are a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts

Can you iron dri fit shirts?

You should not iron dri fit shirts. The high heat is going to do more damage than good. It will lead to distortion, damage to the material, and cause it to melt. It’s better to use a fabric steamer if the goal is to remove wrinkles from a dri fit shirt.

You are going to see far better results doing this and the dri fit shirt is not going to melt.

Do not look to use high heat or an iron for this purpose. It will not work and you are going to damage the shirt to the point it is unwearable.

Use the fabric steamer to stay as safe as you need to be.

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