Can You Keep a Freezer Outside in The Winter? (Answered)

Freezers are associated with the cold and are solely responsible for “freezing” food including meat, vegetables, and anything else that can be stored like this.

The one thing you will want to know about freezers is how they can be stored during different times of the year.

This includes asking, can you keep a freezer outside in the winter?

You can keep a freezer outside in the winter. Most are engineered to withstand fluctuations in temperature including when it goes below zero. However, it’s still recommended to keep the freezer indoors to prolong its lifespan and ensure consistent performance.

If you want to store the freezer outdoors, it’s also recommended to cover it with something. This will help keep it protected.

Here is a more detailed look at how to put a freezer outside in the winter and what to think about before doing so.

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How To Put A Freezer Outside In The Winter

1. Place it Inside a Covered Area

Can you leave a chest freezer outside in the winter?

A chest freezer can be left outside in the winter as long as it’s placed inside a covered area. These freezers are built to withstand changes in temperature including the bitter cold.

It’s still recommended to keep it indoors, but having an outdoor freezer is possible. You will want to find some type of protection for the freezer when it’s outdoors.

Some people place it under a roof that ensures snow does not get onto the freezer. Each setup is different, so look into what works best for your environment.

Can you keep a freezer outside in the winter

2. Keep Track of the Internal Temperature

Having an outdoor meat freezer is common but you will have to keep track of the internal temperature.

Invest in a thermometer that can be set up inside the freezer. This will give you constant readings on what is going on with the freezer and whether or not it’s too cold for the freezer during the winter months.

This information is pertinent if you have meat, vegetables, or any other food item inside the freezer.

Can you put a freezer outside in the shed?

You can put a freezer outside in the shed as long as it’s connected to a safe power supply, covered, and you keep track of the internal temperature. If you don’t track the temperature, the food might get ruined as the temperature drops rapidly.

It’s always best to have a thermometer set up to avoid this type of issue in the long run.

3. Protect The Power Supply

You will want to protect the power supply to the best of your ability.

The goal is to make sure the power going to the freezer is not going to get obstructed. This is risky as exposed wiring can cause a spark especially if water freezes on top of it.

You have to be diligent and protect the power supply at all costs. This is essential over the short and long term.

If you don’t protect the power supply, you are not going to see appropriate results at all. It will increase the risk of things breaking down on you.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Freezer?

It can be too cold for a freezer when the temperature drops below 0°F (-18°C). It’s recommended to avoid keeping the freezer in such conditions for prolonged periods. This is due to the impact it can have on the freezer’s performance unless it’s designed specifically for outdoor conditions.

It’s recommended to invest in a professional-grade outdoor freezer if the winters are bitter cold in your area.

This will provide peace of mind and allow you to store food inside the freezer without giving it a second thought.

Can you keep a freezer outside in the winter

Do Freezers Stop Working In The Cold?

Freezers can stop working in the cold. This is common when the temperature drops below 0°F (-18°C). Due to this, it’s best to cover the freezer and/or invest in a specialized outdoor freezer if the winters are this cold in your area.

In most areas, the temperature is not going to drop to this extent.

In those spots, you are welcome to keep the freezer outdoors in the winter. It will do well even if it does get cold.

Final Thoughts

Can you keep a freezer outside in the winter?

You can keep a freezer outside in the winter. It’s recommended to place the freezer inside a covered area such as a shed to protect it from wintry conditions. This includes protecting the power supply from water damage.

In general, the freezer will be fine in the winter and is going to perform the way you want it to.

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