Can You Lay A Refrigerator Down On Its Back? (Answered)

When moving a refrigerator around, you will wonder whether or not it’s okay to change its sides. This is a common concern that arises when moving a refrigerator from one place to the next.

If you are thinking about placing a fridge in a truck or perhaps a storage facility, you will want to ensure it’s in the right position.

The main question to ask is, can you lay a refrigerator down on its back?

You should not lay a refrigerator down on its back for long periods. The components will come loose and this can also damage how effective the appliance is once put into use. Instead, it’s recommended to keep the fridge upright at all times.

It’s common for people to lay a fridge on its back and then realize it doesn’t work as well as it used to. This can lead to expensive repairs that are not ideal to deal with at the best of times.

To keep things simple, keep the fridge standing upright as much as you can. It’s okay to lay the fridge down on its back for a few minutes but nothing more.

This article will look more into how to lay a fridge down and what to focus on.

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Is It Ok To Transport Refrigerator Laying Down?

It is not okay to transport a refrigerator laying down. It’s recommended to keep the fridge upright at all times to avoid damaging the internal components. If necessary, it’s still best to rest the fridge on one of its sides instead.

If you move a refrigerator on its back, this can damage the panel at the back.

These components are costly and difficult to repair. It is far better to keep the fridge in its upright position for as long as possible.

When you do have to rest it on its side or back, you should only do it for a few minutes at a time. Otherwise, it is always best to avoid this type of scenario.

Can you lay a refrigerator down on its back

How Long Can A Refrigerator Lay On Its Back?

You can lay a refrigerator down on its back for a few minutes. Anything more than this will damage the internal components and panel near the back of the appliance. Instead, it’s best to keep the fridge upright or on its side.

Remember, fridges are made to stand upright for years at a time. This is the position they should remain in.

If you end up resting the fridge on its back, it can get damaged. This is even the case when moving a fridge short distances.

Does it ruin a refrigerator by laying it down?

Yes, it does ruin a refrigerator if you lay it down on its back. This can cause the panel to break down and all of the internal components get exposed leading to potential damage.

Can you lay a refrigerator down on its back

What Side Do You Lay A Fridge On?

If you are going to lay a fridge down, it’s best to rest it on the opposite side of the compressor line. In some refrigerators, this will be on the left side, while others have it on the right side. You can test this by checking out the location of the compressor near the back.

It’s highly recommended to avoid pressing down on the side of the compressor line.

This can lead to extensive damage that will become a costly repair if you want the fridge to work again. This is why avoiding such a position is important.

For the most part, you should not be putting the fridge on its back or side. You will want to keep it standing up for the best possible result.

Final Thoughts

Can you lay a refrigerator down on its back?

You cannot lay a refrigerator down on its back for an extended period. This can damage the compressor line and internal panel. If you want to lay a refrigerator down for any amount of time, it’s better to rest it on one of the sides.

In general, you should only look to do this for a few minutes at a time.

Too much pressure on the back or side of the fridge is not good for the appliance. Even if you are moving a fridge short distances, it is still better to keep it upright at all times.

This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

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