Can You Leave A Fridge Outside In The Winter Unplugged?

When you are setting up a fridge at home most people will ignore temperature-related concerns. This is normal as most fridges will be set in the kitchen. However, what if you are thinking about leaving the fridge outside in the winter? Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?

It is not a good idea to leave your fridge outside in the winter unplugged. This can damage key internal components including the compressor. The average fridge is engineered to remain set at room temperature to function properly.

If you are going to be storing a fridge outdoors, it’s recommended to have it fully packaged and protected for warmth.

Key factors include:

  • External Temperatures
  • Age of the Fridge
  • Time Left Outdoors

For those wondering “Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?” you will need to focus on the temperature and where you are setting the fridge.

As stated, it is not a good idea and it will put your fridge in harm’s way.

Several issues are going to pop up if you decide to leave a fridge outside for long periods. This guide is going to go through what some of those issues are when it comes to the question “Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?”

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Reasons To Not Leave a Fridge Outside

1. Damages Compressor

The main issue has to do with the compressor.

A fridge is heavily reliant on the compressor to keep running once plugged in. If the compressor has been placed outside in the cold, this is when the damage will add up.

There will come a point where this part of the fridge stops working even when it is plugged in.

There is a significant amount of risk that is taken by leaving the fridge outside for too long. One of those risks has to do with the compressor performing badly or not working at all!

You have to be careful and make sure it is kept at room temperature throughout the year. Just because you have taken the plug out doesn’t mean it is okay to leave a fridge outdoors for months. The compressor is going to give out after a few weeks and it will have to be replaced.

can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged

2. Stops Cooling Once Plugged In

For those asking “Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?” you have to focus on the cooling.

The fridge is only useful if it is cooling your food and drinks.

Otherwise, what is the point of having an appliance such as this?! You will want to know that the fridge is going to work as intended as soon as you bring it back in. Unfortunately, this won’t happen if you leave the fridge outside.

The cooling components will lose their edge and it can often be a 50% decrease if not more.

Instead, the fridge is going to stop cooling as well as it used to.

This is a common concern that is noted by those who decide to store a fridge outside for long periods.

The fridge gives out and doesn’t cool properly.

can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged

3. Reduced Power Output

Most people are going to be looking at the cooling when asking “Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?” but that is not the only issue.

Instead, you also have to think about the amount of power that is used by the fridge.

If the components aren’t in good shape, you won’t get the output that you are hoping for. This can hold you back over the long haul.

The internal components will stop optimizing for power and that can cause the overall power output to drop by 50% or more./su_note]

If the components aren't in use all the time, they won't handle the surge of power well.

This means the fridge isn't going to work the way you want it to.

Related Questions

1. Can You Leave A Fridge Outside In Freezing Temperatures?

No, you cannot leave a fridge outside in freezing temperatures. The internal components including the compressor will get ruined causing the appliance to stop working or cooling as needed.

2. How Long Can You Keep A Refrigerator Unplugged?

If there's food inside, you can keep a refrigerator unplugged for up to four hours. If the fridge is empty, it can be left unplugged for a few months (indoors) before the risk of damage increases.

Final Thoughts

"Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?"

It is never smart to leave your fridge outside in the winter. This is dangerous and is going to ruin the fridge's components.

Always keep it in a warm place.

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