Can You OxiClean Down Comforter? (Answered)

When it is time to clean a down comforter, you are going to want to do things the right way without compromising its texture or build.

If the wrong cleaning method is used, the down comforter will begin fraying and falling apart right in front of you.

This is why you have to find out what works for cleaning a down comforter. This includes wondering, can you OxiClean a down comforter?

You can use OxiClean on a down comforter. To do this, mix a cup of OxiClean with a cup of laundry detergent and pour it into the washing machine. Wash the down comforter on the gentle cycle with nothing else inside to see good results.

OxiClean is great for down comforters and will help get rid of any stains and/or messes that are present.

If you are unsure about what to use, this is one of the safest options available for your down comforter and is going to work like a charm.

This guide will explain more about how to OxiClean a down comforter and what to do to make sure it comes out looking brand-new.


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How To OxiClean A Down Comforter

1. Mix A Cup Of OxiClean And A Cup Of Laundry Detergent

The first thing you are going to want to do is to mix a cup of OxiClean and a cup of laundry detergent into a bowl.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you have a comprehensive washing solution to help clean the down comforter in a washing machine.

If you just use OxiClean, it will work on the stains but nothing else. If you just use the laundry detergent, it will not get rid of the stains.

This is why mixing them is the best way to go and will help clean the down comforter as you want to.

Make sure to mix the two ingredients properly and then move forward to the next step in the process.

oxiclean down comforter

2. Pour The Mixture Into The Washing Machine

You are now going to take the mixture and pour it into the washing machine.

The goal here is to make sure the washing machine is fully prepped for the down comforter and is going to work like a charm as soon as the wash cycle commences.

Be patient when it comes to the use of the mixture and ensure it is put in the correct place.

For the most part, the mixture is going to be a breeze to use and it will work the way you want it to.

3. Place Down Comforter Into The Machine

You will now want to place a down comforter into the machine.

When putting the down comforter into the machine, please remember to not have clothes and/or other items (i.e. bedsheets) inside.

If you are going to be cleaning a down comforter using OxiClean, you have to make sure it is inside the machine on its own.

Otherwise, things are going to get mixed up and nothing will be cleaned thoroughly. You want to avoid this by making sure only the down comforter is in the washing machine when the cycle is running.

This will allow the mixture to do its job while cleaning the down comforter and getting rid of the bad odors.

oxiclean down comforter

4. Set Machine To The Gentle Cycle

You will now want to set the washing machine to the gentle cycle.

Each washing machine has a different name for this type of cycle, but it is going to be on the lowest setting to make sure it does not tear the down comforter when it is inside.

Be patient, find out what the right washing machine setting is, and then start the appliance.

This will make sure the down comforter remains safe inside the washing machine and the mixture does its job as soon as the cycle commences.

Final Thoughts

Can you OxiClean a down comforter at home?

You can use OxiClean on a down comforter. To do this the right way, mix a cup of OxiClean with a cup of your favorite laundry detergent. Now, place the comforter inside the washing machine, pour the mixture in, and run the appliance on the “Gentle” cycle.

This will make sure both the stains and odors are gone as soon as the wash cycle is finished.

When it comes to doing things the right way, you should always pursue a solution that works like a charm. This is what you are going to get with OxiClean and why it is preferred as one of the ultimate options for cleaning all types of comforters including down comforters.

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