Can You Put An Air Conditioner In The Top Of A Window? (Answered)

Setting up your air conditioner is all about planning and making sure it is put in a safe spot.

If not, you might end up damaging the AC or causing it to stop working the way you want it to.

This is why it’s best to ask, can you put an air conditioner in the top of a window?

Yes, you can put an air conditioner on the top of a window. It is a more complex project and requires adjusting the framing to get the unit to fit. To do this, start by measuring the AC, unscrew the window frame, set the AC inside, and then adjust the frame again.

Unlike putting it in a standard spot, this is going to take more time to do. However, it is not an impossible task as long as you are willing to take your time during the process.

This guide is going to illustrate what you need to do when it comes to putting an air conditioner on the top of a window at home.


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Steps To Put An Air Conditioner On The Top Of A Window

1. Measure The Unit And Frame

You will want to start by measuring the unit.

This includes the length, depth, and height.

This information is pertinent because it will shed light on how much the window frame needs to be adjusted when you are installing the unit.

You will also want to take the time to measure the window frame. This will matter when it comes to unscrewing the frame and then adjusting it based on how much space is required for the unit.

Remember that this is not the same as installing it in the middle.

This is going to require a more intricate calculation to ensure the AC settles into place and does not budge.

2. Unscrew The Window Frame

You will want to now take the time to unscrew the window frame.

The average window frame is going to have a set of screws. These screws are going to be along the edges and will help take the frame apart.

This is important when it comes to figuring out how you are going to have to take the window frame apart and make sure it settles into place as required.

You will then have ample space to begin working in the AC into place.

Do not rush this part of the process and make sure you are creating enough space for the AC to go where it needs to go.

3. Set The AC

Now it is time to begin working on setting the air conditioner on top of the window.

You are going to do this by reworking the unit and making sure it settles into place. This might take a bit of time to do based on the measurements that you took.

Do take your time as it will matter in solidifying where the unit goes.

If you are hoping to set the AC, this is one step that is going to matter as it will allow the window frame to be set properly later.

You will need to make sure the unit is attached to the frame, so let it sit there so you have time to secure the window frame.

4. Tighten The Window Frame As Required

The last step is to put the window frame back into place.

You are going to have the screws that were present and now it is time to tighten everything as required.

The unit is going to have created a guideline for you to follow. This is ideal as it is going to let you set the AC into place and make sure it does not move once it is installed.

Look to tighten the window frame and make sure it is as tight as it needs to be. This is the only way to get the result that you are hoping for.

Final Thoughts

Can you put an air conditioner in the top of a window?

You can put an air conditioner in the top of a window. To do this, you will want to start by measuring both the unit and window frame. Next, unscrew the window frame, place the AC unit into place, and then tighten the window frame around the AC unit.

This is going to make sure the AC unit works as it should and you get to set it as required.

Take your time with this process and ensure the AC does work as you want it to. Please note that this might impact the unit’s efficiency as an AC on top of the window is going to be less efficient.

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