Can You Put Bone China In The Dishwasher? (Solved)

When it comes to fine bone china, you will want to make sure it is well-maintained and continues to look the way it should.

You are going to be more particular about how you wash bone china and that can create a scenario where you always want to hand wash it.

Does this have to be the only way? Can you put bone china in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can put bone china in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher-safe. It’s recommended to go through a regular wash cycle and make sure it’s rinsed thoroughly.

It’s easy to assume bone china cannot be put in the dishwasher when that is untrue. Yes, it has to be kept safe but it is designed to work well in the dishwasher.

You can rinse it with peace of mind knowing the bone china will clean as you want it to.

This article is going to take a look at tips for washing bone china in the dishwasher and what to think about while doing it.

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How To Wash Bone China In The Dishwasher

1. Don’t Let The Pieces Touch Each Other

Washing bone china in the dishwasher is more about how you do it rather than if it’s safe.

It is safe to do so as long as you are putting in the time to set it properly in the dishwasher when you’re ready.

To do this properly, you are going to ensure each piece is put separately.

This means they should not be leaning against each other as that is the first reason the bone china gets damaged inside a dishwasher. In many cases, this would happen if you did the same while handwashing the bone china.

This is why it’s important to know how you are putting the bone china in the dishwasher and where each piece is going before you close the door.

2. Don’t Run A Full Load

When you are looking to set up the bone china in a dishwasher, you will also want to think about other items in the appliance.

You should not be looking to run a full load at this point.

You will want to look to run a load where the pieces are spread out. This includes other materials included in the load.

In the best-case scenario, you would only wash the bone china in the dishwasher but that might not be efficient. This is why you can run a bigger load but the pieces need to be spread out as much as possible.

3. Use A Premium Washing Detergent

What type of washing detergent are you using?

You will want to think about using a premium washing detergent to make sure it lasts as long as you want it to.

This is important or you are not going to clean the bone china as well as desired.

What type of washing detergent is good?

The brand is not going to matter as long as you are taking the time to choose one that’s well-reviewed. A quality washing detergent will help cleanse the surface and make sure it does not stain.

Take your time finding the right option and make sure to use an appropriate amount when you are ready to move forward with the cycle.

4. Run The Full Wash Cycle

Let’s assume you have placed the bone china in the dishwasher and are ready to move forward with the process.

At this time, you will want to start thinking about running a full wash cycle.

This means going through the entire cycle rather than stopping it halfway. A lot of people attempt to do this in smaller portions but that is simply going to make things worse.

You will want to keep things simple and let the dishwasher do its thing.

This is how you will know the bone china is going to clean as you need it to.

Final Thoughts

Can you put bone china in the dishwasher?

You can put bone china in the dishwasher. The material is dishwasher-safe and will do fine in a regular wash cycle. It’s recommended to separate each piece ensuring they don’t touch each other inside the appliance.

This is how you are going to preserve the structural integrity of the bone china while ensuring it is made as clean as you want it to be.

These are the details that will make a real difference when you start focusing on what works and what does not.

When it comes to cleaning the bone china, you will adore what you find here after going through the washing process.

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