Can You Put Bowls In The Oven? (Answered)

Bowls are an integral part of the cooking process and there will come a point where you will need to heat the bowl’s contents.

If there is a situation such as this, you will want to find the most optimal way of heating the contents without ruining the bowl.

For this to happen, you will want to ask, can you put bowls in the oven?

Yes, you can put bowls in the oven as long as they are oven-safe. It’s always recommended to put them separately (i.e. no contact), gradually increase the temperature, and keep an eye on how they are warming in the oven.

If you are not keeping an eye on the bowls in the oven, you could end up overheating the contents.

This is going to depend on the type of bowl you are putting in the oven.

It’s always best to go through the gradual increasing process as this will keep the bowls safe for a long time to come and ensure they heat well.

This article is going to show you how to put bowls in the oven the best way possible.

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How To Put Bowls In The Oven

1. Check If They Are Oven-Safe

The main issue has to do with the type of bowl you are placing inside the oven.

If you are looking to place an oven-friendly bowl then it is going to be good to go. It will not get damaged inside the oven and you will have no trouble cranking up the heat.

Of course, you will still want to consider what is inside the bowl before doing this.

The temperature has to match what is inside the bowl or you are going to ruin it.

Modern bowls tend to come with the oven-safe symbol right on them. You will want to find this symbol and then put it in the oven if you are ready to heat the food.

2. Put Them Inside Separately

It is not only important to look for the oven-safe symbol but also make sure you are putting it inside separately.

This is a common mistake people make.

You will want to ensure the bowls are not clumped together as this is going to ruin the bowls and might cause them to chip.

Do not compromise the bowl as that is a major mistake and it will get worse as time goes on.

If you are placing multiple bowls in the oven then separate them.

This means not having them sitting together. Even if they are on the same rack make sure there is a gap between them.

3. Gradually Increase The Temperature

How are you increasing the temperature when it comes to the bowls in the oven?

Warming bowls in the oven is a good idea but how you do it is important too.

This means gradually increasing the temperature rather than increasing it instantly. The reason for doing this is to make sure you are aware of how the bowl is responding to the heat.

Most ovens are going to take a time to build up heat and that is during the warming phase. Let it play out and take a look at what is happening to the bowls during this process.

4. Keep Tabs On The Bowls During The Process

You will always want to keep an eye out on what is happening to the bowls when they are inside the oven.

This is important because you don’t want to damage the bowls.

You will want to make sure the heat is rising slowly and you are getting the contents to heat properly.

This means checking the bowls every 5-6 minutes to see how they are doing. Just a quick glance will be enough to make sure they are in good shape.

It is a good habit to build as you are going to want to always keep track of what is happening inside the oven.

Final Thoughts

Can you put bowls in the oven?

You can put bowls in the oven as long as they are labelled oven-safe by the manufacturer. It is also recommended to place the bowls separately to ensure they’re not touching each other and always gradually raise the temperature.

This will make sure the bowls and their contents stay safe throughout the process.

It is common for a person to increase the temperature right away and then wonder why the contents burned or the bowl got ruined. Being gradual will let you make adjustments based on how the contents inside the bowl react.

Don’t ruin your food by being aggressive right off the bat.

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