Can You Use An Electric Blanket With A Weighted Blanket?

When it is time to stay warm, a lot of people are going to want more than a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is not going to do well when it comes to overall heat retention. This makes it harder to sleep during colder nights in bed. This is why it becomes important to ask, can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?

Yes, an electric blanket can be used with a weighted blanket. It’s recommended to place the electric blanket under the weighted blanket to help maximize heat retention. If left on top, it may not hold heat as well causing it to take longer to warm up.

The best course of action is to buy a quality electric blanket that is well-made and in line with your sleeping needs.

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Electric Blanket
  • Material
  • Washability

Focus on these details when looking to find a good electric blanket to go with your weighted blanket. The right fit is going to meet all of the factors listed above and is going to deliver in terms of warmth.

This is essential when asking “Can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?” to make sure you end up with something usable.

The right electric blanket is going to make a real difference and will keep the weighted blanket warm during the night.

For those asking “Can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?” it is time to look at what to consider when it is time to buy an electric blanket.

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Tips for Buying an Electric Blanket

1. Find the Right Size

Before doing anything else, you want to stick to the simple factors of buying a new electric blanket for your bedroom.

You will want one that is the right size.

Look at the weighted blanket and take measurements. You will want to find an electric blanket that is going to provide complete coverage when it comes to your body and the weighted blanket.

Some people don’t like the idea of placing the electric blanket as the main layer. This means they put it on top of the weighted blanket, which is why finding the right size becomes essential.

You will want to cover the entire weighted blanket and that is only possible when the electric blanket is the right size.

can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket

2. Must Have Multiple Heat Settings

When asking “Can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?” it’s best to look at the number of heat settings that are available to the user.

In general, you are going to want at least 6+ heat settings.

The more options you have, the better it is. However, six is the bare minimum when looking for a good electric blanket for your weighted blanket.

Multiple heat settings allow for a more customized sleeping setup that is perfect for remaining in sync with one’s sleeping habits.

The benefit of multiple heat settings has to do with the overall comfort you’re going to feel when adjusting the warmth of the electric blanket.

It will become easier to find the “just right” setting while resting.

can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket

3. Consider Safety Standards

Another factor to think about when asking “Can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?” has to do with the built-in safety mechanisms.

You want to go with an electric blanket that has been tested and remains safe to use in all situations.

The right type of blanket is going to be accredited by multiple agencies and will have gone through rigorous testing in advance.

If the electric blanket hasn’t been tested, you should not be using it.

It is better to go with something that has been tested in great detail and has passed those tests with flying colors.

This will ensure you have a good night’s sleep every time and don’t have to think about whether or not the electric blanket is safe.

1. What Should You Not Do With An Electric Blanket?

It is important to avoid pinching and/or twisting the control cords when using an electric blanket. It is also recommended to make the electric blanket the main layer (closest to the body) for maximum heat retention.

2. Can Weighted Blankets Be Heated?

Some modern weighted blankets come with a built-in heating mechanism. This allows users to quickly toggle through different heat settings to find the right fit for their sleeping needs.

Final Thoughts

Can you use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket?

An electric blanket can be used with a weighted blanket and it acts as a great heat conductor when it is time to sleep at night.

It’s best to have the electric blanket as the closest layer to your body. This will help maximize the overall setup as you go to sleep.

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