Can You Use Dryer Vent Duct For Bathroom Fan? (Answered!)

Setting up the ducts inside a property requires attention to detail and a good understanding of local building codes.

There are strict regulations for what is permitted and what is not with ducts.

This includes their placement, how they function, and where they are interconnected. This is why a lot of property owners start wondering, can you use a dryer vent duct for the bathroom fan?

You can’t use a dryer vent duct for the bathroom fan. This is against building codes because it’s unsanitary, poses a fire safety risk, and will not function properly. It’s best to have an independent duct for the bathroom fan.

Take the time to assess where the ducts are running and make sure they don’t get in each other’s way.

This should be happening during the initial building phase. However, it can also be done after with the help of a qualified HVAC professional that sets up the bathroom exhaust fan.

Here is a look at some of the reasons to not use a dryer vent duct for bathroom fans.

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Reasons To Not Use Dryer Vent Duct For Bathroom Fan

1. Unsanitary

The main concern is going to have to do with sanitization.

The bathroom fan is going to be taking in excess moisture and pollutants. These should not be entering any other duct as that can be increasingly dangerous for all involved.

What you want to do is have a separate duct taking what is inside the bathroom exhaust fan. This is the only way to protect yourself and anyone else inside the property.

It’s common for people to make this mistake and it can be dangerous.

You don’t want a situation where the pollutants are being taken into the bathroom exhaust fan and then released through the interlinked vent!

This is something to look out for when assessing how the bathroom exhaust fan is going to be linked to the ducts.

can you use dryer vent duct for bathroom fan

2. Against Building Code

There are specific regulations in place for this part of the bathroom.

You don’t want to have it interconnected with any other duct including the dryer vent duct. The reason has to do with fire safety and general protection.

Due to how the bathroom exhaust fan works and what it brings in, the goal is to have a separate duct for this part of the bathroom. You don’t want it linking with any other part of the house as that can pose a new list of dangers you are unprepared for.

In most places, the building code is going to be strict when it comes to the duct that is connected to the bathroom exhaust fan.

3. Difficult to Repair

It is not easy to repair something that is interlinked.

You are going to have to go through the other duct to make sure everything is functional. When there is a separate duct to the bathroom exhaust fan, it’s a lot easier to manage for an HVAC expert when they come in for a look.

Take the time to consider this as it will save a lot of time, effort, and money later on.

When things are interlinked, both parts of the house may get ruined. This is when you are going to have a much larger repair bill on your hands.

can you use dryer vent duct for bathroom fan

4. Fire Safety Risk

This is one of the reasons that a building code against interlinked ducts is made.

The goal is to avoid spreading fire throughout the house because one area sparked. This is due to the electrical nature of a bathroom exhaust fan.

If it sparks, it can cause a fire.

When the dryer vent duct is being shared with the bathroom exhaust fan, this becomes a real problem for the rest of the property.

You have to be careful about this and it is something to consider as soon as the bathroom exhaust fan is set up at home.

Final Thoughts

Can you use a dryer vent duct for the bathroom fan?

You cannot use a dryer vent duct for the bathroom fan. This is dangerous and is not going to offer the type of safety that’s needed in the bathroom. It is a fire safety risk, can spread pollutants through the rest of the property, and become difficult to repair.

The best course of action is to have a separate duct set up for the bathroom exhaust fan that is specifically made for this part of the house.

It’s a must.

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