Can You Use Roomba On Multiple Floors? (Solved!)

Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.

More and more homeowners want to invest in a good Roomba that allows them to automate cleaning when they are away from home. While these benefits are true, you may wonder, can you use Roomba on multiple floors?

A Roomba cannot clean multiple floors on its own. It will have to be carried to each floor separately to be effective. It’s important to note, a Roomba can store maps for up to 10 floors making it easy to carry it around to different parts of the house.

If you have a larger home, you will want to account for this.

It is not going to have a problem memorizing those maps and completing the cleanings as long as they are carrying the Roomba to different parts of the property.

On the other hand, if you are not going to be home then it might be smart to clean the house in steps rather than one go.

Here is a look at the reasons Roombas can’t clean multiple floors without assistance.

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Reasons Roombas Can’t Clean Multiple Floors

1. Can’t Climb Stairs

This is a simple reason.

Your Roomba can’t climb the steps as of right now. This means as soon as it comes up to the steps, it will not attempt to climb them.

Instead, the Roomba is going to turn in the opposite direction just like it would with a wall.

If you do want to clean the steps, you will want to carry the Roomba onto the staircase. This will mean having to do it one by one manually, which can be time-consuming for the average person.

Most people prefer to clean the steps using other means.

can you use roomba on multiple floors

2. Focuses On One Map At A Time

The Roomba can store up to 10 floor plans.

This means you can map out how to clean 10 different floors in various properties if that is what you want to do.

However, it will only go through with one map at a time.

Roombas are designed to memorize floor plans but this can be restrictive based on the cleaning. It will only clean one floor at a time before returning to the base.

This means you can turn on the Roomba and let it work on one floor before it returns to its base as expected.

This is why a Roomba can’t clean multiple floors on its own.

3. Limited Capacity

A Roomba has limited capacity for how much debris it can pick up.

This is an essential detail to think about when the Roomba is cleaning around the floor. It will have to return to the base when it is full.

Roombas have limited capacity when it comes to cleaning messes and this might stop after a few floors. This is why it’s best to clean out the Roomba after a few cleanings.

This impacts how many floors a Roomba can clean in one go.

You are going to have to move it around when it is in this situation or it will simply turn off or stop working.

It is not going to clean multiple floors on its own nor is it designed to do this.

can you use roomba on multiple floors

4. Safety

There are strict regulations in place within most countries for how a robot vacuum is supposed to function.

This can include how long it operates, the power it uses, and a whole host of safety requirements that need to be kept in mind at all times.

Due to this, it is unlikely the company would move forward with a solution that can clean multiple floors in one go. Instead, they look to have a device that is easy to set up and moved when it is time to clean on more than one floor.

Related Questions

1. Do You Need A Roomba For Each Floor?

The Roomba can be used on different floors without having to buy a new one. This means it will adapt to the new environment and continue to function as it would on any other floor.

2. Can You Take Roomba Upstairs?

You can take the Roomba upstairs without having to change anything. It is a portable solution and will continue to clean upstairs as it did downstairs. In some models, you can save maps of different floors in the same property to make it even easier to automate.

Final Thoughts

Can you use Roomba on multiple floors?

You can’t use Roomba on multiple floors without moving it manually. It cannot go up a staircase meaning it needs to be moved by someone before cleaning the next floor.

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