Can You Wash A Hat With Clothes? (Explained)

Washing your hat is always a good idea.

It’s one way to make sure there are no germs on the hat and you can continue wearing it without feeling conscious about lingering odors.

Since you are going to be wearing the hat indoors and outdoors, it’s common for odors to collect in the hat.

The best solution when this happens is to learn how to wash a hat. This includes asking, can you wash a hat with clothes?

You can wash a hat with clothes. It’s recommended to do so by washing the hat in a smaller load (i.e 50% full). You should also use a gentle wash cycle and hot water for maximum results.

In most cases, you will want to run a separate load.

This is going to take all of the guesswork out of washing a hat in the washer. However, if you do want to wash it in the next load, it is best to only have it 50% full. This is going to ensure the hat gets washed properly and does not get ruined.

This article is going to take a look at how to wash a hat with clothes and what to think about during the washing cycle.

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Steps On How To Wash A Hat With Clothes

1. Wash Separately Or In A Smaller Load

You are going to have two options available to you.

The first option is going to be to run a separate wash load. This is the most recommended option because you are not going to have to calculate how many clothes there are in the load already.

This removes the guesswork associated with only running a 50% capacity load when washing a hat in the washing machine.

if you do want to wash the hat with clothing, it’s best to keep it to a smaller load.

This ensures the hat does not get damaged in the load and can get washed properly. It will also keep the clothing safe too.

2. Use A Gentle Detergent

You will want to think about the type of detergent you are using during the process.

Some people want to use the strongest possible laundry detergent because it seems like it will do the best job.

This is untrue.

It is not going to do the best job and it might end up harming the hat more than anything else.

This is why the best choice is to use a mild detergent to wash a hat. This is going to get rid of the lingering odors and stains in seconds.

3. Use Hot Water Cycle

You will also want to think about the temperature of the water.

Is it going to be hot or is it going to be cold?

For the most part, you are going to want to focus on a hot water cycle. This is important because a hot water cycle will get rid of the germs, stains, and ensure the hat looks brand-new again.

This is also important for your clothing, which is why the hot water cycle is best. It is going to also do a good job with the clothes in the machine.

4. Use A Gentle Wash Cycle For Maximum Results

Most people are only going to think about the amount of clothing in the washer at the time but you also have to note the type of wash cycle you are moving forward with.

In general, you will want to set it to the gentle wash cycle on your machine.

This is going to reduce how much the washing machine spins and how it agitates the clothing or hat during the cycle.

This is important because you could end up ruining the hat if you are going with a standard wash cycle.

The gentle cycle will do a good job cleaning the hat and it is also going to get rid of any stains that are lingering on the hat.

Final Thoughts

Can you wash a hat with clothes?

You can wash a hat with clothes, it’s recommended to only do this with the machine half-full to ensure the hat does not get damaged. It’s also best to use hot water and only run a gentle wash cycle to clean the hat.

This is going to not only help clean the hat but will also make sure the clothes turn out as you want during the load.

Remember that you do not want to get aggressive with the wash cycle because it is going to harm the hat.

Look into this and then plan how you are going to wash a hat in the washer at home.

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