Can You Wash Bath Mats With Towels? (Answered)

Bath mats should be washed from time to time.

They collect germs and will get dirty due to where they are located. This is why it becomes essential to understand how to wash bath mats at home without making mistakes or damaging them.

During this process, you are going to ask, can you wash bath mats with towels?

You should not wash bath mats with towels. The bath mats will get damaged, it’s unsanitary, and the towels can also tear during the spin cycle. It’s best to wash the bath mats separately.

You will want to run a single load to wash the bath mats because it seems like the simple thing to do.

However, it is not the right strategy and it is going to ruin the bath mats as time goes on. You will want to go with a safer route and that is when washing bath mats separately becomes the right option moving forward.

This article is going to show you the main reasons not to wash bath mats with towels.

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Reasons To Not Wash Bath Mats With Towels

1. Will Damage The Bath Mats

The main concern you are going to deal with has to do with the bath mats and their structural integrity.

The bath mats are going to start to break down.

This is a real concern and it is something you are going to want to avoid.

The bottom of the bath mats can start to break if you are not careful. This tearing is going to get harder to manage when there are towels in the load with the bath mats.

Your best option is to make sure you are not washing the bath mats with towels.

If you do, you are going to create a situation where the bath mats will become compromised and that is much harder to deal with as time goes on.

Look to keep your bath mats as safe as you can by not washing them with towels.

2. Unsanitary

This is one of those details you are going to want to consider when washing bath mats.

You do not want to put them with towels because of how bath mats work.

They are going to be set up in the bathroom, which is a place that is full of unwanted germs. These germs are going to spread onto the bath mat, which is fine as long as you are washing the bath mats seperately.

However, things can get worse when you are mixing the bath mats with your towels.

The germs are going to get on the towels and they might not wash off as easily as you want them to.

This is what makes it unsanitary and not the right option for your situation moving forward.

3. Can Harm The Towels

You will also want to consider the clothing or towels in the same load.

Yes, the bath mats are going to get damaged due to the towels but it can also work the other way.

The bottom of the bath mat is also going to be rough, which is going to impact the towels that snag onto it.

You will want to avoid this situation.

When the towels begin to tear, you are going to hate how things play out and this is going to damage the towels right away.

4. Best To Wash The Bath Mats Separately

In general, you do not want to mix the bath mats with towels.

It is not safe for either item.

You will want to wash the bath mats separately and make sure they are being rinsed the right way to get rid of the pesky germs.

This is not going to happen if you are looking to wash the bath mats in the washing machine.

Most people will want to toss them into the washer but that is not the right way to go.

Final Thoughts

Can you wash bath mats with towels?

You cannot wash bath mats with towels. The bath mats can start to break down when mixed with towels and the same for towels too. It’s best to avoid doing this because it’s unsanitary and bath mats should be washed separately.

This is going to make sure the bath mats are kept as clean as possible and you don’t end up using towels with germs in them.

This is one of those details that has to be thought about due to how each item is used during the day.

At no point do you want to start washing bath mats with bath towels.

This is unsafe and it is not good for either item during the washing process.

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