Can You Wash Bed Sheets With Blankets?

Clean bed sheets are a must. You don’t want to sleep for hours on dirty bed sheets that reek and look awful. This is why most homeowners will take the time to create a washing routine for their bed sheets that is followed throughout the year. To do this, you will want to ask, can you wash bed sheets with blankets?

No, you can’t wash bed sheets with blankets. There is limited space in the washing machine and this can lead to insufficient results for both the bed sheets and blankets. It’s recommended to wash them separately for good results.

When washing your bed sheets, it’s important to be methodical and run a separate cycle for them in your washing machine.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Bed Sheet
  • Size of the Bed Sheets
  • Washing Process

When you ask “Can you wash bed sheets with blankets?” it’s essential to focus on the finer details including whether or not the bed sheets will look the way you want once the washing process is complete.

A lot of people try to force the issue and this leads to awful results!

Be patient and make sure to separate your bed sheets immediately. By washing them on their own, you are going to ensure good results.

Here is a look at the question “Can you wash bed sheets with blankets?” with a focus on how to wash your bed sheets the right way.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Bed Sheets With Blankets

1. Lack of Washing Space

It is the washing space in your machine that will let you down.

While there are additional issues associated with washing your bed sheets with blankets, it is also important to think about the tangible basics of this process.

The average washing machine isn’t large enough to take on a blanket along with bed sheets. This is going to take up way too much space making it hard for the washing machine to cycle properly.

This will lead to a situation where both the blanket and bed sheets are getting half-washed at best. Is that what you are after?

No, you will want to optimize your washing setup and that is why washing them separately is the right way to go.

can you wash bed sheets with blankets

2. Excessively Drying on the Sheets

A serious concern that is pointed out with washing bed sheets and blankets together has to do with the drying effect.

Due to how blankets are made, they have a drying effect on bed sheets in the washing machine. They soak up too much water and this takes away from the rinse cycle in the washing machine.

On their own, it’s okay but not when you have other items alongside for the cycle!

Blankets will dry out the sheets and leave them feeling awful in the hands, which is troublesome when you lie down on them later on.

For those wondering “Can you wash bed sheets with blankets?”, you will want to stick these items in the washer separately.

A lot of people hand wash their blankets or take them to a dry cleaner for this purpose. This is up to you bu they shouldn’t be washed together due to the drying impact on the bed sheets.

can you wash bed sheets with blankets

3. Too Much Lint

Lint production is often an underrated detail.

When the blanket starts producing lint, it will spread throughout the washing machine. This isn’t a good sight when you have quality bed sheets in the washer along with the blanket.

It is better to wash them on their own due to this reason.

Studies show lint production goes up by up to 50% when bed sheets are washed with blankets.

It is difficult to take off the lint later on.

It will also ruin the overall aesthetic of your bed sheets and make the color look faded. This is why it is safer to wash them separately.

1. What Setting Do You Wash Bed Sheets On?

It’s okay to wash your bed sheets on the normal cycle. This will rinse and clean the bed sheets properly without ruining their look or texture.

2. Should I Wash My Comforter With My Sheets?

It is not recommended to avoid washing your comforter with your sheets. The comforter should be washed on its own as it will need to be washed delicately for maximum results.

Final Thoughts

“Can you wash bed sheets with blankets?”

Washing your bed sheets with blankets is not a good idea. The washing machine will ruin the bed sheets due to the extra lint and drying effect.

It’s better to wash them individually.

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