Can You Wash White Socks With Colored Clothes? (Solved)

When you are looking at washing white socks, you are going to have to be extra careful about how you approach the situation.

It’s not going to be the same as any other type of sock.

You will need to make sure the white socks turn out the way you want them to and look the part. This is why it becomes important to ask, can you wash white socks with colored clothes?

You cannot wash white socks with colored clothes. The color will leak from the clothes and turn the white socks a different color. It’s best to wash white socks separate or in a white-only load.

It is easy to get this mixed up and attempt to wash white socks with colored clothing.

It will not work out well.

You are going to end up ruining the socks and it gets worse when cheap dye is used to color specific clothing items. This is when you will notice the white socks will end up looking odd.

This article will look at how to wash white socks.

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Tips To Wash White Socks

1. Do a White-Only Load

The best approach for washing white socks in a washing machine is to do a white-only load.

The reason for this is to make sure the colored clothes don’t start bleeding. This becomes frustrating and it’s the last thing you are going to want when washing white socks the right way.

In general, the best approach is to take the white socks and put them with other white clothes. You can even do a socks-only load if that is feasible for your budget.

For the most part, just a white-only load is going to get the job done.

You will want to make sure any time colored clothing is put with white socks that you are taking the time to use a gentle wash setting. This reduces the amount of tumbling that occurs inside the washer.

2. Use Hot Water

What temperature is the water that you are going to be using during the wash?

You will want to use hot water.

Hot water is important because it will help cleanse the white socks and make sure they look the way you want them to.

A lot of people don’t do this and that is what holds them back.

Your goal is to focus on the temperature of the water to ensure things play out as you want them to.

Hot water works well because it will cleanse the socks and make sure anything else in the white-only load is also going to rinse properly.

Cold water is not going to do this for you.

3. Gentle Wash Is The Way To Go

You will want to think about the type of wash you are going with.

A lot of people don’t think about this and that holds them back.

Gentle wash is a good idea as it will reduce the toll on the white socks and/or anything else in the load.

You can always attempt to use other settings but the gentle wash setting is renowned for doing a good job. This is going to reduce the pressure on the socks and make it easier to wash them consistently.

4. Test A Small Load First

Before going all-in, you will want to get a better read on what you are doing with the load.

This is a common mistake people make and it is what holds them back as time goes on.

You will want to wash white socks in a washer by testing it. This means doing a small load and focusing on understanding what your options are.

You don’t want a situation where the load is too small and is not going to play out as you want it to.

Test a small load and figure out what your options are.

Does the gentle wash setting work? Is hot water the right option?

You are going to get the answers during this process.

Final Thoughts

Can you wash white socks with colored clothes?

You cannot wash white socks with colored clothes. The colored clothing will have cheap dye, which is going to bleed onto the white socks during the washing process. It is best to always do a white-only load when washing socks.

This is going to make it easier for you to wash the socks the right way.

It is easy to think you can toss the white socks into the washer without thinking twice but they will get ruined.

It is best to wash them separately and do a test load to see which settings work the best.

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