Why Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Went Off Then Stopped (Explained)

A carbon monoxide detector that is not functioning correctly can become a real source of concern at home.

You will want to immediately figure out what’s going on and what can be done to bring the carbon monoxide detector back to how it was beforehand.

This will include figuring out why the carbon monoxide detector went off and then stopped.

If a carbon monoxide detector went off and then stopped, this means the power is going. The best strategy is to remove the battery, reset it, and try again. Another option is to replace the battery.

For the most part, replacing the battery is the right option as the older one is likely to fade quickly.

If you take the chance of putting an older battery back into the detector, this might cause issues later where the fixture stops working.

This guide will take a look at what you should do if the carbon monoxide detector went off and then stopped.

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How To Fix A Carbon Monoxide Detector That Went Off And Then Stopped

1. Disconnect The Detector

If a carbon monoxide detector stops working, you will want to see what’s going on by assessing the fixture itself.

Look at whether or not it has been damaged from the outside.

You will also want to make sure you are disconnecting the unit as soon as you can. When the detector goes off for a bit and then turns off, this is likely a sign of something being wrong with the unit.

By disconnecting it, you are going to get a better read of its components.

For the most part, the main reason for a detector to do this is the battery. As a result, you will want to take a look at the battery by disconnecting the detector.

The goal is to make sure you are getting a proper read on what is going on.

carbon monoxide detector went off then stopped

2. Remove The Battery

Since the issue is going to be the battery, it is best to remove it.

You will want to see what is going on with the battery by assessing its condition. This should be done before you look to reset or replace it.

The goal is to see whether or not the battery has been damaged, which is why it is causing the detector to beep inconsistently.

If there is physical damage to the battery (i.e. it has been fried) then you are looking at a mandatory replacement. The battery is unsalvageable when it is in this state and will have to be replaced.

Otherwise, the carbon monoxide detector is going to stop working.

3. Reset Or Replace The Battery

You are going to have two options here.

The first option is going to be to reset the battery in the carbon monoxide detector. This is done to help retest the battery and see whether it was a loose connection that caused the detector to go off.

If you believe the battery is simply aging then it is likely better to replace it.

A replaced battery is a good way to make sure you don’t have to fret about this later. Just get it done right now.

Find a compatible battery and replace the older one.

This will fix the problem instantly.

carbon monoxide detector went off then stopped

4. Reset The Detector

The last step in the process is going to be to put the battery into place and then reset the detector.

This will be done as soon as you restart the detector once it is turned on.

Each model is going to have a unique set of features when it comes to how to reset the unit and you will want to figure out what works for your situation.

Always make sure the detector is in the right spot and that it is turned on. This is important for your overall safety.

Final Thoughts

These are the main reasons your carbon monoxide detector went off and then stopped.

If a carbon monoxide detector went off and then stopped, this is due to the battery starting to age or die. To fix the issue, disconnect the carbon monoxide detector, remove the battery, reset or replace it, and then restart the unit.

This will take care of the problem and make sure the detector is working the way it should.

Do not compromise on this and always make sure you are going the extra mile when working on your detector.

A lot of people don’t do this and they end up taking a major risk with their detector. Don’t let this happen and always ensure the battery is functional. If this means changing out the older one then that is the way to go.

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