Why Is Caulk Coming Out From Back Of The Tube? (Fixed)

When a caulking tube is set up, it becomes important to think about how it is used and how consistent the application process is.

In some cases, when the tube has been opened, it won’t function as required. This creates a situation that is not easy to manage.

A good example of this would be a scenario where the caulk keeps coming out from the back of the tube.

If the caulk keeps coming out from the back of the tube, this means the foil seal has not been punctured. In this scenario, the pressure applied to the tube causes it to come out of the back. To fix the issue, puncture the seal and tape the other end.

This is a simple fix that will take care of the problem instantly.

This article is going to look at why the caulk keeps coming out from the back of the tube and what to do about it moving forward.

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Steps To Fix Caulk Coming Out The Back Of A Tube

1. Check The Tube’s Shell

If the caulk is coming out of the tube incorrectly, it’s time to inspect the shell.

The reason to inspect the tube’s shell is to see a potential structural issue with the tube itself. This is possible if the side of the tube has been punctured when it was being handled.

While rare, it is still something to consider as that will require a different type of fix.

Sometimes, you might seal the back of the tube and realize the caulk is still pouring out from the side.

Look at everything and make sure the sealant is only coming out from the back of the tube. If so, you can move forward with the next step and take care of the issue in seconds.

caulk coming out back of tube

2. Tape The Back

This is the first step you are going to focus on.

The goal here is to get the tape and seal up the back of the tube. This is to ensure the caulk does not keep pouring out from the back when it should only be coming out of the front where the foil seal is.

Look at sealing it using electrical tape or anything that will hold the tube as well as you need it to be.

This is going to take a bit of time and you should squeeze the tube a few times to test the tape once it is set up.

Don’t rush this part of the process because when the tape comes off, the caulk will pour out from both sides.

3. Puncture The Foil Seal

Now you are going to puncture the foil seal at the front of the tube.

This is why the pressure has been building up causing the caulk to come out of the wrong side.

By puncturing the foil seal, you are going to have enough pressure to get it to come out of the front.

Some people forget to do this and that is what causes the caulk to start coming out of the wrong end and making a mess. Be patient and ensure the foil is punctured properly.

caulk coming out back of tube

4. Re-Test The Caulking Tube

The last step is to re-test the caulking tube.

You are going to want to do this in a safe spot where the mess can be cleaned up if the tube malfunctions.

Do this in a spot where the caulk pouring out will not impact anything over time.

The goal here is to squeeze the tube and see how the caulk comes out. If it comes out of the front of the tube, you are good to go and the problem is resolved.

At this time, it is also good to tilt the tube to see whether or not the back of the tube is fully sealed. This is a must.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to consider if the caulk keeps coming out from the back of the tube.

If the caulk keeps coming out from the back of the tube, this means the foil seal is still intact. To fix the issue, tape the back of the tube using electrical tape, puncture the foil seal, and re-test the caulking tube to see if it works.

In most cases, this is all you are going to have to do to take care of the problem.

The seal was likely the reason for the caulk not coming out as intended.

A simple fix like this should take a few seconds to complete. The rest will come down to moving the caulking tube around and testing its structural integrity. This is the best way to make sure the caulk comes out from the right end.

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