Why Is Ceiling Fan Not Blowing Air? (Step-By-Step Solution!)

A ceiling fan is expected to function without making too much noise, becoming erratic, or failing to cool the room.

This is a major concern with aging ceiling fans as they can break down on you. A common issue tends to involve a ceiling fan not blowing air.

If a ceiling fan is not blowing air, the switch is likely set to “Reverse” on the fan. You will have to change it to “Forward” and this will help blow the air down. It’s a simple change and one that will ensure the ceiling fan works properly right away.

Of course, this is not always the problem and it’s possible the fan is uneven or one of the blades is broken. It is smart to investigate and inspect the fan blades to see whether or not this is a potential issue.

This article will explain the main steps on how to repair a ceiling fan that’s not blowing air.

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Steps On How To Fix Ceiling Fan Not Blowing Air

1. Press Switch To “Forward” On Ceiling Fan

If you want to learn how to make a ceiling fan move more air, it’s important to understand the direction it’s spinning in.

A ceiling fan that is not moving in the right direction will not cool the room. It is simply not going to blow the air you want it to!

This is why it’s important to open the main part of the ceiling fan to access the switch. This switch is going to be a straightforward mechanism that allows you to control the movement of the fan blades once it’s turned on.

In general, a ceiling fan that’s blowing air up is likely set in “Reverse” and has to be switched back.

By toggling the switch, you can set it back to “Forward” and that will begin to blow the air as required.

For most people, this is going to take no more than a few seconds.

Test the ceiling fan once you do this and you will realize it was the direction that was causing the issue. While this is not the only reason why a ceiling fan is not blowing air, it is the most common one that is seen in properties.

2. Measure Distance Between Ceiling & Fan Blade

Another possible issue involves a ceiling fan that is too close to the ceiling.

If this is the case, the ceiling fan is not going to have enough space to spin properly. This causes the blades to make contact with the roof, become uneven, or simply break down.

You have to rectify this problem as soon as you can to avoid further damage.

To do this, you are going to take a measuring tape and measure the distance between each fan blade and the ceiling. By the end, you will want to have a specific measurement for each fan blade written down.

Now, look at the measurements to see whether or not one of them is off.

If there is one fan blade that is too high, this is likely why the air is not blowing properly. YOu will have to tighten the fan blade’s screw and then see how it works.

ceiling fan not blowing air

3. Check Structural Integrity Of Fan Blades

You have to take the time to assess the structural integrity of the fan blade.

This includes testing whether or not one of the fan blades is broken. The fan blade may have been damaged due to wear and tear, which is when structural issues come to the forefront.

Replace the fan blade or fix it before using the ceiling fan.

If you are asking “Why is my ceiling fan not blowing air?” then this might be the reason that is causing all of the trouble.

Be diligent and make sure you are assessing how the ceiling fan is doing structurally. If the fan blade is broken, you will have loads of trouble getting the fan to perform properly.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to focus on if a ceiling fan is not blowing air.

A ceiling fan that is now blowing air likely has been set to “Reverse” causing it to spin in the opposite direction. When this occurs, the air will be drawn up and not throughout the space. To correct this, find the switch and turn it to “Forward” allowing the fan blades to spin correctly.

It’s a simple change that is going to fix most issues when it comes to a ceiling fan not blowing enough air.

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