Why Is The Ceiling Fan Stuck On One Speed? (Fixed)

When turning on a ceiling fan, it’s normal to want it to switch speeds.

You will want to personalize how the ceiling fan works but that might not always work out as planned. This occurs when there is something wrong with the ceiling fan causing it to stop working properly.

This creates a situation where the ceiling fan is stuck on one speed.

If the ceiling fan is stuck on one speed, the root cause is a malfunctioning capacitor. To fix the issue, turn off the main power supply, open the main housing, tighten the wiring near the motor, and re-test the fan. If it does not work, it’s time to replace the capacitor.

This is a common problem with older ceiling fans and you will need to replace the part as soon as the problem arises.

This article will go through the most important steps when fixing a ceiling fan that is stuck on one speed.

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Steps To Fix Ceiling Fan Stuck On One Speed

1. Turn Off The Power Supply

If the ceiling fan is stuck on high speed, you will need to figure out how to bring it down to a more controlled speed.

This will only happen when the capacitor is functioning properly.

Unfortunately, the capacitor might blow out, which creates a serious concern about how the ceiling fan is going to work once turned on. If it is stuck on a higher speed, you will want to start by turning off the main power supply running to the fixture.

Do not attempt to open the main housing until you are certain the power is out.

This is a safety risk, so you will want to be careful.

Once the power is off, it is time to begin looking at the main motor to see what is going on and what can be done to fix the issue at hand.

ceiling fan stuck on one speed

2. Remove The Main Housing to Inspect The Wires

The main issue is going to be the capacitor.

This part is designed to help the ceiling fan flick through speeds, so it has to be fully functional or the feature won’t work.

As a result, you will want to take a look at the wiring going into the main motor. Make sure there is nothing loose that might be causing the problem.

If you want to see if something can be done, tighten the wiring.

It is common for wiring to get loose if the ceiling fan is used often. This is why you do want to give this a chance before looking at a more long-term fix.

3. Tighten The Wiring To Re-Test The Ceiling Fan

Tightening the wiring is essential as it will allow you to see if a free solution can be found for a ceiling fan that is stuck on low speed or high speed.

It is best to do this for each accessible wire.

Look to press the wire in and see if it clicks. If it is damaged then you might have to replace the wire itself.

This is going to vary depending on the situation in front of you.

ceiling fan stuck on one speed

4. Replace The Capacitor

Let’s assume you have tested the ceiling fan after tightening the wiring and it still does not switch speeds.

What can you do then?

You are likely out of options at this point. When the capacitor in a ceiling fan blows out, it is likely not going to be easy to fix.

It is not going to get the power to go through, which is why it’s time to replace the capacitor in the ceiling fan right away.

Find a compatible capacitor for the fixture and replace it.

This is how you are going to get the ceiling fan back to how it was working before the issue came up.

Final Thoughts

It is important to go through these steps carefully if the ceiling fan is stuck on one speed.

If the ceiling fan is stuck on one speed, start by turning of the power supply, removing the main cover, looking at the wiring, tightening the loose wiring, and re-testing the unit. If it does not work, the capacitor has to be replaced.

These steps will ensure you can attempt a DIY solution for a ceiling fan that is stuck on one speed.

It is possible the ceiling fan is not working on all speeds, which means a fix such as this is the way to go.

When the capacitor is replaced, the unit will be back to how it was working. Take your time going through these steps to get things right.

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