My Ceiling Fan Wobbles On High! (Fixed)

A wobbling ceiling fan is not a good sight. It will look odd and it’s going to make noises that you do not want to hear while sitting in the room.

This is why you must understand what the root cause is. This can help fix the wobbling ceiling fan before it gets damaged.

One issue people often deal with is when the ceiling fan wobbles on high.

If a ceiling fan wobbles on high, this is due to the blade holder being misaligned or one of the fan blades becoming loose with time. To fix the issue, turn off the power supply, unscrew the fan cover, and tighten the screw holding the blade to the motor. This will stop the wobbling.

Once you have done this, the best option is to test the ceiling fan on different settings. Look for any wobbling that occurs.

In most cases, the fan blade is not going to wobble any longer.

However, if it continues to wobble, you might be dealing with excess dust buildup near or on the blade. Clean everything by wiping the surface and making sure dust particles are not getting in the way of the blades spinning properly.

This article will shed light on what you should do if a ceiling fan wobbles on high.

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Steps To Follow If A Ceiling Fan Wobbles On High Setting

1. Turn Off The Power Supply

To find out how to stop a ceiling fan from wobbling on high, you will need to turn off the power supply.

The reason is due to the main motor being connected to the electrical circuit. While most ceiling fans are protected, you should not be working with different tools when the ceiling fan is still linked to the circuit.

It creates a safety hazard that can be avoided by shutting off the power to the room.

ceiling fan wobbles on high

2. Unscrew The Main Cover

When the power is off, you are going to look to remove the main cover.

This is in the middle of the ceiling fan.

There will likely be a couple of screws that are holding the main cover in place. You will unscrew this cover to reveal what is inside. Do this patiently and remember to put the screws somewhere safe for later.

You will need them to put everything back together.

This is often a good time to wipe the main cover and clean everything around it using a clean cloth.

3. Tighten The Wobbling Fan Blade

The next step is to work on the wobbly ceiling fan blade.

To do this, you are going to look for where the wobbling blade is going. It will likely be hooked to the main motor in the middle of the fixture.

In the middle, there will be a screw that is holding that particular blade to the fixture. This is the screw you are going to want to tighten.

It’s possible the fan blade came loose or the holder isn’t aligned properly. Move the blade back into place and then tighten the screw as it is supposed to be.

ceiling fan wobbles on high

4. Clean Any Dust or Debris

When a ceiling fan wobbles on the highest setting, it is also possible for dust to be the main culprit.

The reason comes down to dust weighing the blade down and causing it to not spin properly. This misaligns that particular blade causing it to spin incorrectly and wobble.

To avoid a situation such as this, your best option is to clean any dust or debris that is on the ceiling fan.

This includes inside the motor, around the main cover, or on the fan blades.

Everything should be in pristine condition as that is the best way to make sure debris does not get in the way of how the ceiling fan rotates.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important steps to follow if a ceiling fan wobbles on high.

If a ceiling fan wobbles at high speed, this is likely due to a loosened fan blade or a misaligned blade holder. To fix the issue, turn off the main power supply, unscrew the cover, tighten the loose screw, and re-test the fan on the highest setting.

This can happen and it is important to clean everything while you are doing this. The best option is to use a clean cloth to wipe everything down from top to bottom.

By doing this, you will ensure dust is not the reason for the wobbling. It is a simple fix that should be done.

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