My Ceiling Light Is In The Wrong Place! (Fixed)

Ceiling lights are an essential part of any modern room.

If the light is not in the correct position or doesn’t illuminate the room properly, this can take away from its effectiveness.

This is why it’s important to find the right spot for the ceiling light. Unfortunately, you might have a situation where the ceiling light is in the wrong place.

If a ceiling light is in the wrong place, it’s recommended to use swag the light. This allows the light to hang 6-12″ to the side. Another solution is to use a wider light to cover more space from the same starting point.

For a more permanent solution, you will need to relocate the ceiling light. This includes filling the existing hole, re-wiring the electrical circuit in the room, and creating a new hole for the lighting fixture.

As you can imagine, this is a much harder and longer task that might require the involvement of a certified electrician.

You are better off looking at other solutions such as the ones mentioned above. Whether you want to swag the ceiling light or use a larger light, these options are far more reasonable for the average person.

This guide will explain more about the options available to you and how difficult they are when the ceiling light is in the wrong place.

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Steps To Follow If Ceiling Light Is In The Wrong Place

1. Swag The Light

When learning how to move a light fixture over a few inches, you will learn to “swag” a light.

This technique refers to having the chain looped and connected to hang the light away from the hole.

This is a great way to help relocate the light without having to cut a separate hole or reposition the base of the fixture.

Instead, you will swag the ceiling light and then have it set 6-12″ away from the light fixture hole.

ceiling light in wrong place

2. Use a Larger Or Wider Ceiling Light

This is a simple solution and will work well depending on the size of the room.

If a smaller light is not working or looks out of place, why not increase the size of the light fixture?

By getting a longer or wider ceiling light, you are going to cover more space on the ceiling. This will automatically have a positive impact on how the ceiling light looks and how much of the room it illuminates.

3. Re-Locate The Ceiling Fixture In The Room

This is a much harder solution and not recommended unless you have run out of options and have nothing left in front of you.

The idea here is to remove the light fixture, fill the hole, and create a new hole where you want the ceiling light to go.

From this point forward, you will rewire the electrical circuit and run the wiring to the new hole in the room.

As you can imagine, this is a complicated task and one you will require a certified electrician for.

Due to the cost of a task such as this, most people prefer to look at the steps listed before to resolve their issue.

ceiling light in wrong place

4. Add A Second Ceiling Light To Balance Things Out

A ceiling light in the wrong spot can also be corrected by adding a secondary ceiling light in the room.

This will create harmony and balance.

You will have two lights that illuminate the space and make sure the room looks the way you want it to.

If the main issue has to do with not getting light in one side of the room or the ceiling light being off-center then this is a good step to consider.

Two ceiling lights can help spread the light while also making it more balanced aesthetically.

Can A Ceiling Light Be Moved?

A ceiling light can be moved but it requires re-wiring the electrical circuit to direct the wire to a new hole. The old hole will have to be patched up and filled to create a seamless finish.

Final Thoughts

If the ceiling light is in the wrong place, the steps mentioned here will go a long way in helping out.

If a ceiling light is in the wrong place, you can swag the light by 6-12 inches, use two ceiling lights, or invest in a larger light to cover more space. For a longer-term solution, you can create a new hole in the ceiling and rewire the circuit.

In most cases, people prefer investing in a larger ceiling light to offset any issues they have with the current placement.

This allows them to use the same hole without having to rewire the circuit.

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