Changed Outlets And Now There’s No Power? (Simple Fix)

It’s common to change old outlets in your home.

This is a recommended practice because worn-down outlets don’t perform well and can also become safety hazards as time goes on.

This is why it’s important to change them every 10 years. Keeping that in mind, what if your changed outlets and now there’s no power?

If you changed outlets and now there’s no power, the most common issue has to do with a tripped circuit breaker. This happens due to a surge of power running through the circuit. To fix this issue, check the breaker panel, reset the circuit breaker, tighten the wiring, and test the outlet again. It should work now.

This problem is quite common when you change outlets in a house.

This guide will explain what to do if you just changed the outlets and now there’s no power.

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How To Fix Changed Outlets And There’s No Power

1. Recheck The Wiring

The first thing you are going to do is recheck your installation.

In some cases, the wiring connecting to the outlet is still loose. This is simply because an error was made during the installation process.

It might not be the only reason but it’s still important to turn off the power supply and make sure to tighten the wiring inside the outlet.

By doing this, you will know if the outlet does not work, it is likely to do with the circuit breaker. It eliminates one of the possible reasons immediately.

It’s also recommended to check the outlet anyway as loose connectors or wiring can become fire hazards. Do not take the risk and recheck your work.

2. Reset The Circuit Breaker

Now, it’s time to look at the likely cause of a changed outlet not working.

The circuit breaker gets tripped when there is a sudden surge of electricity that goes through the circuit. This is a safety measure to help protect the circuit and ensure it does not get blown out due to the surge.

While this is a great safety measure, it also ensures the changed outlet doesn’t work until it is reset.

This is why you will have to go to the breaker panel and take a look at what’s going on. To reset the circuit breaker, you will have to look at the bottom of the breaker panel. You will have to push this tab to the side to reset the circuit breaker.

3. Secure The Connectors Near Circuit Breaker

While you are looking at the circuit breaker, it’s never a bad idea to open the front grille and take a look at the wiring inside.

Sometimes, the wiring does loosen and it’s best to tighten it when you are still there. This is not always going to happen but it’s a good strategy to consider from a long-term perspective.

Just like you check the wiring inside the outlet, you should also do it here.

Make sure the entire electrical circuit from start to finish is secure during the changing process. It will save you a lot of trouble later on.

changed outlets now no power

4. Test The Outlet Now

The last step is to now test the changed outlet again.

You will want to see whether or not the repair work that’s been done helps. In most cases, resetting the circuit breaker is going to get the job done.

Feel free to take a look at how the outlet works ensuring both the top and bottom work properly. You don’t want a situation where the top outlet works and the bottom one does not.

If that is the case then you will have to see whether or not the wiring is still loose inside.

Final Thoughts

If you change outlets and there’s no power, these are the steps that matter.

If you changed outlets and there’s no power now, it’s likely due to a tripped circuit breaker or loose wiring. To fix this issue, recheck the wiring and make sure it’s securely in place. If this doesn’t work, inspect the breaker panel and reset the circuit breaker by pushing the tab at the bottom to the side. This should bring power back to the changed outlet.

You have to take your time with this to ensure the troubleshooting works in your favor.

Whether it’s loose wiring or a tripped circuit breaker, it’s best to go through this process step-by-step.

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