Why Is There Cloudy Water Coming From Only One Faucet? (Fixed)

Cloudy water is not something you expect to see when turning on the tap.

Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time and the reasons vary depending on the root cause.

You will want to find out why cloudy water is coming from only one faucet in the house.

Cloudy water can come from only one faucet when the aerator is damaged, there’s air in the pipe, or the water heater’s filter needs to be changed. To fix the issue, change the water heater filter, turn off the water valve, unscrew the spout, and replace the aerator.

This will help fix both elements that can cause cloudy water to appear in your house.

For the most part, the right approach in this regard will save you a lot of time. Aerators can go wrong and sometimes they get dirty too.

Just take the time to find a compatible aerator for your faucet to get rid of the cloudy water in the tap.

This article will offer more insight into what to do when you have cloudy water coming from only one faucet in the house.

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How To Fix Cloudy Water Coming From Only One Faucet

1. Understand the Cause

If your tap water is white and cloudy, you might not feel like using it.

This is normal and it’s important to fix the issue, but what is the root cause? This is the first thing you have to consider when there is cloudy water coming from a single faucet.

In general, there can only be three reasons why cloudy water comes from one faucet.

These include:

  • A Damaged Aerator In The Spout
  • A Dirty Water Heater Filter
  • Excess Air In The Pipe

If there’s air in the pipe, this will go away on its own. The water itself is also going to be safe to use, so there’s nothing to be worried about other than the water’s appearance.

The other issues will have to be corrected.

This includes the most common reason which is the aerator getting damaged or dirty. Replacing it is often the right way to go to fix the issue for good.

cloudy water from only one faucet

2. Turn Off Water Valve

To fix the aerator, you are going to want to start by turning off the water valve.

This will ensure water does not spurt out when you are unscrewing the spout and looking at the aerator.

While it is not going to make a mess since you are only taking out the front end of the spout, it is still good practice to do this when working on any part of the faucet.

3. Unscrew Faucet Spout

If it’s a new faucet with cloudy water, the main issue likely has to do with the water heater. However, if you know it’s an old faucet with cloudy water, it’s time to remove the spout.

To do this, you are going to need to spin the front of the spout using a wrench. Clasp onto the spout and begin to spin it.

This will loosen the spout and get it to come off.

Once you do this, you are going to notice the aerator inside.

4. Remove and Replace The Aerator

Now it is time to take out the old aerator and inspect it in greater detail.

In some cases, you will notice the aerator is dirty. In such situations, it is possible to begin cleaning the aerator to see if you can get rid of the debris.

However, the better option is to always replace the aerator, especially on an older faucet. This is better for the long term too.

Cloudy cold water from the faucet is not good, which is why replacing the aerator is the smart bet.

Is Cloudy Tap Water OK?

Cloudy tap water is safe to drink. It is commonly an issue that will resolve itself after a few minutes. However, it can also be a sign of lingering issues that need to be fixed. This includes a damaged aerator or a dirty water heater filter. Inspect these elements and replace them before things worsen.

Final Thoughts

Why is there cloudy water coming from only one faucet?

If there’s cloudy water coming from only one faucet, this means there is trapped air in the pipe, a damaged aerator, or a dirty water heater filter. To fix the issue, replace the water heater filter, turn off the water valve, unscrew the spout, and replace the aerator. This will take care of the cloudy water instantly.

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