25 Trendy College Apartment Living Room Ideas (On A Budget!)

College apartments can be wonderful as long as they are designed the right way.

If you are looking to take things to the next level, you are going to want to consider all of your options as a college student.

This includes how you are going to decorate the college apartment, how it’s going to be used, and what’s trending right now.

Here are the best college apartment living room ideas to follow right now.

Strip Lights

Don’t be afraid to add some lighting to the college apartment living room to liven it up a bit.

To do this, you are going to use strip lights.

These are affordable and are going to be easy to find online. Don’t be afraid to add these types of light and then control how strong they are with a remote control.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are fantastic for those who want to maximize the overall look and vibe of their college apartment.

These shelves are not going to get in the way and will help offer a new depth to the living room.

It’s even better for those who use this to further decorate the piece by playing with decor elements on top of the floating shelves.

Neutral Small Living Room

Neutral living rooms are powerful because they work for all college apartments.

Yes, it’s not going to be as expressive as other colors, but neutral elements are easy to play with and maximize based on the look you are going for. This is an interior look that simply works.

Neon Signs

Want to showcase that this is a college apartment living room?

If so, you are going to have to be a bit wacky with your designs. This includes taking the time to look at adding a neon sign somewhere in the living room. This is going to brighten the room and also reduce its age too.

Light Brown With White

An airy college apartment is never a bad idea and it can look amazing depending on how well it’s done.

In this case, you are going to be going for a warm feel.

The idea is to mix a light brown finish with a white texture. You are going to be looking at using white paint and then brown furniture to complete the look. This can also include white decor items along the way.

Boho College Apartment

A boho college apartment is going to be chilled out.

It’s going to have a simplistic, more earthier finish to it. This is going to include the use of plants throughout the living room and also a nice wooden element whether it is a chair or something else.

Mandala Tapestry

College apartments can be designed uniquely.

One option is to use what is known as a mandala tapestry. This is going to work well because it’s going to be vibrant and add a bit of a punch to the living room, which is important for a college apartment.

L-Shaped Couch

If a lot of people are going to be coming to the college apartment, it’s essential to think about how you are going to maximize the space.

This becomes doubly important in a tiny college apartment.

For this, you are going to want to include an L-shaped couch. The couch is going to work well in the small apartment and is going to add more seating to the room too.

Black And Gray Decor

This look goes for a more sleek finish.

You are going to open up space with the use of a black and gray theme. With this, you are going to include black furniture and then finish it off with gray or silver touches including gray candles or cushions.


College apartments can get cluttered and it’s not easy to find space in the living room.

This is why you want to look at a storage ottoman for the table in the middle.

This is going to act as not only the coffee table in a small living room but it’s also going to allow you to store items inside.

Geometric Prints

College apartments are supposed to be lively.

You are going to want to add character to the space and the best way to do this is with a bit of visual texture including geometric prints.

You are going to use these prints to help increase how vast the living room is. You can do this with the pillows or even the rug.

Dusty Pink Accent Couch

The couch is often going to be the center of attention in a situation such as this.

You should be looking at a noticeable color.

This can be something like a dusty pink accent couch because it’s going to stand out. You are going to adore how it looks and it’s going to vibe with the college theme you are going for in the apartment.

Bar Cart

Bar carts are a lot of fun in college apartments.

There is a charm to them that’s hard to deny and you are going to fall in love with them as soon as you begin to set one up in the living room.

Choose one that matches your living room and see how it adds value to your experience in the apartment.

Decorative Pillows

Sometimes, one of the best things to do with a college apartment living room is to start adding the finer details to get it to pop.

For example, look into colorful decorative pillows to go along with the rest of the living room’s theme.

Let’s assume you have a neutral layout.

You can use maroon decorative pillows to add a bit of warmth to the space instantly.

Cart Organizer

Cart organizers are great for those who want to put their stationary and/or accessories inside.

You won’t have to go looking around the apartment for those things because they will all be in one place.

Minimalist College Apartment

Minimalist college apartments are wonderful because you are going to keep things simple and it’s going to be easy to maintain throughout the college year too.

What is this type of look going to go for?

You are going to be aiming for a relaxed aesthetic. This is going to include a small couch, a rug, and some wall art.

Just keep it simple.

Elegant Area Rug

The area rug cannot go unnoticed when it comes to something like this.

Go for a cute area rug that’s going to add depth to the room. The goal here is to get the eye to not just focus on one level when entering a living room in the college apartment.

Instead, you want there to be depth and for the eye to travel. This is going to make the living room look bigger.


Wallpaper is affordable and it adds personality to the college apartment.

Don’t be afraid to use it.

This is great because it’s not going to cost a lot and you are going to get the type of design that works for you right away. Take advantage of this and then set it up in minutes.

This wallpaper is going to amplify the other qualities in the college apartment living room and that’s what makes it meaningful.

Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets have been around for a long time and they still work.

The reason you are going to want to use them has to do with their aesthetically pleasing design along with how gorgeous they are from all angles.

You are going to adore how they look.

These baskets are appealing and are going to provide amazing value.

TV Stand

Where are you going to be setting up the TV in the college apartment?

Look at getting a gorgeous TV stand.

This is going to look great in the living room and it’s going to offer more storage space for your devices, wiring, and accessories.

It’s important to think about what’s going to go on the wall as soon as you set things into motion with the college apartment living room.

Look at adding wall art that’s easy on the eyes.

It should not be distracting and should fit the overall theme of the room.

Blanket Ladder

This is an empowering option for those who want to make the most of their blanket ladder and want it to pop a bit.

You are going to find a space to store the blankets and it’s also going to look appealing too. It’s a neat, trendy touch that is going to look great in the living room.


College students are going to have books, so why not go with a neat bookshelf in the living room?

You can put a few books on it and it’s going to suit the overall theme of a college apartment too.

This is a great way to display your personality too through your books.