23 Fun College Dorm Party Ideas For You And Your Friends

A dorm party is always fun and it’s a good way to relax.

You can end up entertaining yourself, having a good time, and just being able to celebrate the moment you are in. We always recommend doing this but it’s essential to host a college dorm party the right way.

This includes going through the best dorm party ideas to figure out what is ideal for you.

Rock n’ Roll Party

A rock n’ roll party is always an entertaining way to let loose.

It’s going to allow the rockstar in everyone to come to the forefront. You can play around with how the decorations are set up and the overall theme that you are going for.

This can be a great time to start incorporating leather jackets, rock music, and just having a blast during the party.

Disney Party

Disney has been around for a long time and is heralded as a brand everyone knows about across all ages.

This is something most people will have grown up with.

This means throwing a Disney-themed dorm party is going to work well. It will allow people to let the kid in them come out a bit and then spice it up too.

Fake Wedding Party

This is a unique party idea in college.

You are going to be throwing a fake wedding party. This is going to incorporate wedding games and other elements that will be unique.

It is going to be fun because it’s the type of party most people are not going to experience outside of real weddings. Take the time to put this together and have a great time!

Boujee Party

A boujee party is going to look at throwing an upscale event.

This means you are going to have people dressing up and you are going to be looking at a sophisticated party idea that is going to be unique.

It can be fun to dress up like this and it is a great way to spice up the party decor too. Play around with this idea to craft the perfect Boujee party.

Neon Party

Sometimes, it is the aesthetic of the party that’s going to shine through and it’s what you are going to want to aim for.

We love the idea of throwing a neon party.

It’s intriguing and it’s something that’s going to resonate with those who are attending. There is a sense of glitz associated with it that is going to be wonderful.

Seasonal Dorm Party

Is there a specific season or holiday that is around the corner?

Well, this is a great excuse to put together a dorm party around that particular season or holiday.

For example, if winter is around the corner it might be time to throw a winter-themed dorm party. The same goes for any other holiday that pops up including Christmas or Easter.

All-Black Party

What type of color are you going to be wearing to the dorm party?

This is going to start with an all-black party.

This means you are going to be decked out in all-black and that is going to be the core theme of the party. This can then be used as a way to set the foundation for the party activities and how you have fun.

Halloween Party or Costume Party

This is a wonderful, proven way of partying in college.

This is going to be a great way to get creative and also see what types of costumes people can put together. It doesn’t have to be Halloween for this to work as costume parties can be done throughout the year.

See how you can spice up the dorm party with the use of costumes.

Masked Party

Masks are always fun to use in dorm parties.

You are going to want to see what type of masks are going to work well for the party. There are a few ways of doing this.

The first way is going to be to hand out the masks and another is going to be to let people wear their masks based on the ones they can find. Both ways are going to work well.

Highlighter Party

A highlighter party is a unique type of party idea in a dorm.

This type of party is going to use glow-in-the-dark materials with the lights turned down in the party area.

This is a lot of fun.

It is going to allow people to showcase their highlighter finishes and it’s going to end up being fun with people moving around in the area.

Disco Party

Disco parties are not just from the past.

This is a type of party that is great because you are going to be recreating something fascinating in the dorm.

We love this dorm party idea because it’s simple, fun, and is proven to work. You are going to have a wonderful time partying in this manner and that is what matters the most!

White Lie Party

A white lie party is a unique type of party because you are going to be crafting a theme around white lies.

How does it work?

You are going to have everyone put on a shirt that is going to have a white lie on it. This is a great way to showcase your personality and it is also a lot of fun to read these white lies.

Hawaiian Party

This is going to go for more of a tropical twist, which is never a bad thing for those who want to add a bit of color to their dorm party.

You are going to be asking people to put on Hawaiian colors.

This is going to include a tropical burst of colors that are going to make it seem like people are coming to the beach.

It is always fun to go to a party such as this in the dorm.

Beer Pong Party

This is a classic dorm party idea and one that is always going to work.

People want to go to parties like this and it’s easy to set up. You are going to make the most of the beer pong setup and have it in a way where everyone can join in on the fun.

The overall social nature of this type of party is what allows it to stand out.

Never Have I Ever Party

This is a party where you are going to be looking at the “Never Have I Ever” game as a centerpiece of the party idea.

You are going to look to have people put on shirts that are going to showcase these elements and it’s going to be breathtaking for you to read through them as soon as you are in the party.

It’s fun for people to get creative and showcase their personality.

All-Pink Party For Girls

For those who are looking to go for a more vibrant color, it’s time to look at throwing an all-pink party for girls.

This is going to have more of a feminine touch.

You are going to be aiming for an all-pink party for girls that is going to be unique and charming in an intriguing way.

All-Blue Party For Boys

This is going to focus on the same idea as the all-pink party for girls, but you are going to be using blue for boys.

This can be done for anyone including girls if you want to go down that path. The theme is going to be built for an all-blue finish.

Friends Themed Party

Are you a fan of the TV show Friends?

This is a cult classic for a reason. It’s popular and most people will have watched it and/or follow its clips.

This is why you can build an entire theme around it for the dorm party. It also suits the vibe of the crowd that is going to be there.

2000s Party

The early 2000s were a fascinating time as things were kicking into high gear with the Internet.

This also led to various fads that popped up during the time and it’s best to bring those fads back to life in the form of a 2000s dorm party.

Set up this party and let people enjoy something from their younger years.

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter has long been cherished by those who appreciate the wizarding world and all that it has to offer.

You are going to want to craft a dorm party around this idea and bring it to life immediately.

People will be able to dress up as their favorite Harry Potter characters and/or pretend as if they are going to a party at Hogwarts.

90s Party

This is another period in life that was fascinating and it brought along with it various style trends that are going to come to life at the party.

This party idea is themed based on that decade.

You can have people dress up as if they are going to a 90s party and then have the theme of the party shaped around this concept.

Flip Cup Party

This is a type of party that’s going to be riveting for those who want to have lots of fun and just do something intriguing.

The flip cup party is built around the idea of flipping cups.

You are going to drink your favorite beverage from the cups, empty them, and then flip them quickly to see which team can get it done quicker. This is going to lead to a lot of fun for those who are participating.

80s Party

We have talked about hosting a 90s party or even a 2000s party, but what about the 80s?

They also deserve a bit of respect.

You are going to want to kick things back another decade with this type of party and allow people to have a great time dressing up as if they are going to an ’80s party.