36 Cozy Home Decor Living Room Ideas For You To Recreate

Living rooms are an integral part of any home.

It’s essential to get this element right to ensure you are not creating a situation where the living room looks out of sync or does not vibe the way you want it to.

We have taken the time to look at the best cozy home decor living room ideas for your home.

Sleek Living Room Decor

Sleek living rooms are all the rage these days.

You are going to be balancing between a minimalistic and slick living room here. The idea is to go with minimalistic colors and focus on optimizing the living room using comfy living room decor.

This is going to help strengthen the living room theme and help it feel comfortable as soon as you sit.

Neutral Living Room Decor

This is a classic living room idea and one that works well in most situations.

You are going to look to use neutral colors and elements within the living room. This is going to create an airy, charming aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes and is going to feel welcoming immediately.

This can make a real difference in how you feel inside the living room.

Dark Green Living Room Decor

Dark green is an underrated color and one that’s going to optimize the living room in a way that’s increasingly comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to give this a shot.

Use dark green elements and mix in other shades to create the perfect living room. It’s going to look beautiful from all angles once you are done.

Boho Living Room Decor

The boho living room decor is a real winner.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, and warm in a way that’s integral to getting the cozy vibe you are going for.

Look at choosing this type of vibe and optimizing it based on what you need to feel comfortable inside the space.

Wooden Mood Lighting

Mood light is important if you want to set the tone for the living room.

Look to play around with the type of accent lights you are adding to the space. This includes how those lights are going to bounce off of the surrounding decor elements too.

A wooden aesthetic combined with these accent lights will make a difference instantly.

Gray And White Living Room Decor

Gray and white work well together in living rooms.

This is a living room idea where you are going to mix and match these two colors to create a tranquil living room environment.

It is going to have that airy feel you are going for and it’s going to be one of the most relaxing spots in the home.

Silver Accents

Silver is an underrated color to go within the living room.

We would play around with this color and look to blend it with other colors including white. You are going to want to focus on centerpiece items such as the table being silver as this is going to set the tone for the space.

It’s a powerful, comfortable theme to work within the living room.


Lanterns are a great option most people don’t use in their living room.

For this idea, you are going to want to set up the lantern along the sides. These are going to help illuminate the space and also give it that warmth you are hoping for.

Other fixtures are not going to provide this type of warmth as fast as lanterns do.

Standing Candle Holder

Candle holders are integral to getting the balance between scent and sight right.

You are going to want to make sure the candle holder is in tune with the theme of the living room and then play around with the type of candle you are putting in it.

This is going to help set the tone in the living room.

Retro Mirror

Most people are going to be looking at traditional mirror shapes.

This includes round mirrors, standing mirrors, and/or rectangular mirrors. All of those do work and are beautiful when used properly, but what if you look at retro mirrors in the living room?

These oddly shaped living room mirrors are empowering and allow you to get creative with the wall space.

Wall Quotes

Wall quotes are beautiful and help personalize the living room.

Just something as simple as “HOME” is going to help set the tone but it can be any type of message you are hoping to showcase.

Make it cozy and it’s going to ensure the living room feels lived in.

Earthy Living Room Decor With Plants

Earthier tones are challenging to nail because you are going to be unsure of what works and what does not.

Go for an aesthetic that’s going to have additional warmth and is going to make use of greenery to help optimize the idea.

It is that greenery that’s going to help amplify the look and help it stand out as soon as you put things together.

Fairy Lights Living Room Decor

Fairy lights are amazing to look at, especially as the sun sets.

When it’s time to turn on these lights, they are going to illuminate the living room in a way that’s exceptional.

It’s going to take your breath away.

Let these swooping fairy lights spread light throughout the living room. It’s going to be amazing to view.

Airy Living Room Decor

An airy living room decor is going to demonstrate that clean, crisp vibe you are going for in a cozy space.

This can be done by opening up more space in the living room and using thinner elements. You are also going to want to look at white or gray shades in the space or a lighter brown color.

Dark Gold Living Room Decor

There is a sense of luxury associated with dark gold combinations in the living room.

You are going to get the posh, crisp vibe with the help of the dark gold elements. Play around with this and focus on getting that dark gold to pop a bit.

This can be through tray decorations, tables, and/or other elements in the living room that are going to use the dark gold vibe.

Floating Shelves

Want more storage space on the wall?

Vertical space is great and that’s where floating shelves help. They look amazing and you are going to have a chance to use the walls to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid of this and ensure the floating shelves look amazing.

Standing Mirror

A standing mirror is something you are not going to want to ignore as a potential option in the living room.

It’s going to allow you to enjoy the general beauty of the mirror and how it shines through as soon as you set things into place.

Look for a standing mirror that suits the theme of the living room.

Blue Accent Walls

Blue accent walls are exceptional.

The color blue works well because it’s unique and airy. It’s going to have that calmness you are hoping for in a modern living room.

This is going to make it more inviting and charming in a way other colors don’t. Look into this as a potential option in your living room.

Printed Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a good way to spice up your living room furniture.

This can include placing them on the couch or an accent chair depending on the layout of the living room.

Use this to your advantage to add a bit of texture to the room.

Gold Candle Holders

Candle holders are impressive because they are going to shine a light on this beautiful living room element.

In this example, you are going to be focusing on gold candle holders.

The gold is going to shine through and help increase the luxury factor of the room. It’s also going to make it increasingly comfortable.

Pouf Ottoman

Ottomans can be used as a powerful item when it comes to cozy living room ideas.

This works because ottomans are cozier than the average coffee table. It is going to look crisp and clean in a way that’s inviting.

Make the most of this and ensure the pouf ottoman shines through.

Large Wall Art

The wrong type of wall art is not going to work as you want it to.

Look at going with larger wall art and ensure it shines through. This is going to act as the centerpiece in the living room you are putting together.

You can go with a personalized photo or an abstract art piece depending on what works with your vision.

Woven Basket

Woven baskets are such an incredible option and are going to take your breath away.

These baskets are good for holding items such as blankets and/or other accessories you are not going to want out in plain sight.

These work well in the corner of a living room or in an area where they are out of the way.

Leather Accent Chair

Accent chairs are powerful aesthetically and are going to help set the tone.

It’s essential to look at the type of accent chair you’re going with.

In this example, you are going to be looking at a leather chair. The leather chair is going to look impressive and help elevate the overall vibe of the living room.


A cozy living room can often be a place to read a book.

Why not set up a bookshelf here?

Bookshelves are gorgeous and are going to personalize the space instantly. This is key in making it more lived-in and inviting.

Dark Living Room Decor

Darker living rooms might not seem cozy but they can be.

You need to look at the type of furniture you are using inside the living room with this type of color scheme.

A darker theme is going to require softer furniture items.

Play around with this to nail the decor.

Tall Plants

Plants are a wonderful way to decorate a home.

Plants are a sign of life and are going to make the room more energetic. Take advantage of this because it’s going to be more inviting and is going to elevate how the living room looks.

You can also pick and choose the types of plants you add to the room.

Rustic Living Room Decor

A rustic living room is going to have warmer tones and is going to focus on going with those wooden elements that add charm to a living room.

You can go in many directions with this type of living room and that’s what makes it powerful.

Don’t forget this when you want to do things the right way with a rustic living room.

Acrylic Coffee Table

Acrylic coffee tables are unique.

They are narrow and charming to look at.

They work well because of how clean these tables look. They are not going to distract a person from the rest of the living room and will be quite useful too.

Vibrant Living Room Decor

Vibrant colors are a great way to personalize the living room.

You are going to adore how it looks and that’s what makes it charming. The vibrant bursts of color are going to make it more homely.

Look into this and choose colors that energize you. This is how you are going to enjoy spending time in the living room when at home.

Wooden Leather Living Room Decor

Wooden elements are always going to be a plus.

You are going to want to focus on combining wooden elements with leather to get things to look as beautiful as you want them to be.

This is how you are going to enjoy the natural charm of the leather accents.

Marble Coffee Table

A marble coffee table is underrated.

This is a well-known material that’s going to resonate with the person in the living room. It is going to help create a friendly environment that’s ideal for a cozy living room.

Look at a round marble coffee table to create that feel.

Gray And Blue Living Room Decor

The color combination is always going to play a role in how things look in the living room.

A comfortable living room idea is going to make use of the right colors. This theme is going to look at the use of gray and blue accents.

These two inviting colors are great in the living room and are going to look amazing from all angles.

Black and White Living Room Decor

Black and white living room ideas are empowering.

You are going to adore how these colors scream quality. Black and white can be a charming option because they are aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

You can play around with the softness of the living room furniture to get things to feel relaxed.

Persian Rug

Persian rugs have long been associated with elegance and luxury.

They are also homely.

This makes them quite cozy to look at under your feet and they are going to spice up the overall vibe of the living room.

Wood Accents In The Living Room

Wood accents are going to work well in a modern living room.

We find this to be appealing because the wooden elements are going to allow the room to feel more laidback and charming.

This makes it great for those who want a room that’s welcoming and relaxing.