DampRid Smells Bad! (Explained)

DampRid is often used to remove moisture in a home and to better regulate humidity.

While it serves an excellent purpose and offers unbelievable results once set up, you will have to account for additional factors such as the smell.

Some people note that DampRid smells bad and it might not be in line with their preference.

DampRid can smell bad due to the calcium chloride. This is non-toxic, but it can lead to an unwanted odor and some irritation once inhaled. This is why it’s best to avoid leaving DumpRid out if it stinks. This might be a sign to change it right away.

For the most part, DampRid is not supposed to have a strong scent. It might have a gentle odor that you are going to notice when close to it, but nothing that will fill the room.

These are the details to think about when it comes to using DampRid at home and making sure it works the way you want it to.

This article will explain what to do if DampRid smells bad and why it’s important to change it when this type of odor begins to spread.

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Reasons DampRid Smells Bad

1. Calcium Chloride Can Begin To Spread

The main issue has to do with the calcium chloride found in DampRid.

It’s important to note, that DampRid does an exceptional job with its formulation and is careful about how it works when put to use for moisture removal. This is why it’s one of the best options on the market.

However, if the calcium chloride has been out for too long or begins to leak, this is when the odor will spread in the room.

At first, you will only notice it when close to the DampRid, but after a while, it is going to become increasingly noticeable throughout the space.

This is why it’s best to get rid of the DampRid and change it for a new batch as soon as you smell the odor.

damprid smells bad

2. Can Stink As It Ages

If DampRid smells bad once set up, you might have left it out for too long.

This can happen as more and more moisture is removed from the room. You should be taking the time to remove the water and also ensure the DampRid has been changed in your room.

Otherwise, it is going to start to stink up.

This is not going to take a long time to do, but a little bit of maintenance goes a long way with DampRid at home.

3. Time For A Change

Yes, it is time for a change as soon as you notice the smell of DampRid in the house.

Most people will state it is going to have a sharp scent to it that begins to spread around the area. This is normal, but it only happens when the DampRid begins to show signs of aging.

This is why it’s best to react fast and make sure you are following a set routine for changing the DampRid in your home.

If you do this properly, the smell is never going to get to the point where it’s uncomfortable or impossible to live with.

damprid smells bad

4. General Odors In The Room Can Worsen

This is something people don’t account for.

In some cases, the main issue doesn’t have to do with the DampRid. When there is a room with so much humidity and moisture, it will start to pick up natural odors that spread over time.

You might assume it has to do with the DampRid when it is the moisture that is causing the sudden uptick in bad smells.

The best thing to do is to change the DampRid but also clean the space. This is the only way to make sure the moisture is not ruining anything.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons DampRid smells bad and why it’s important to act fast before it becomes unbearable.

DampRid can smell bad due to the calcium chloride. It can have a sharp scent but is often a sign the DampRid should be changed. Other reasons can include the moisture in the room increasing and/or the DampRid showing signs of aging.

You should always take the time to replace the DampRid after a few weeks. This will ensure the moisture is removed and you don’t have to worry about lingering odors in the room.

Some people will wait 45 days to change DampRid and that’s acceptable. However, the smell should be a warning sign that it’s best to change it right away rather than wait too long.

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