18 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate With Mirrors In Your Living Room

Mirrors are excellent for brightening a living room and elevating its wall space.

Some people only use wall art and framed photos, but we believe it’s also smart to look at the use of mirrors.

They don’t even have to be on the wall to work well in the living room!

Let’s take a look at how to decorate living rooms with mirrors.

Dual Mirrors Living Room Decor

Instead of one mirror, you are going to be looking at decorating the living room with two mirrors on the wall.

This aesthetic is captivating.

It works well because there is symmetry between the two mirrors on the wall. These can be placed behind the couch or on one of the side walls in the living room depending on the layout.

You can personalize the type of mirrors you go with making it even better.

Arched Black Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are trendy and look amazing as soon as they are set into place.

The one thing you are going to want to consider is the size of the floor mirror. The arched design is captivating and is going to be one of those showpiece additions that are going to be alluring.

Use the black floor mirror to set the tone in the living room.

It is going to help enhance the rest of the living room furniture and make it stand out.

Small Mirror

Instead of going with a larger mirror, why not take a look at a small mirror on the wall?

This is a more traditional design and works wonders because it’s warm. This is a welcoming decor idea in the living room with nothing more than a small mirror.

It’s going to be affordable and it’s going to look sleek too.

Mirror Collage

Mirrors are great in the living room, but sometimes you are going to want to play around with the overall design of the wall space in the living room.

This is going to include the use of what is known as a mirror collage.

This type of design is fascinating because it’s going to take a look at various types of mirrors and have them come together to create a mesmerizing design in the living room.

French Mantle Mirror

Do you have a fireplace in the living room?

This is one of those hotspots in the living room that are going to offer an aesthetically pleasing finish as soon as the mirror is installed.

This works well because it’s alluring and is going to brighten the living room from the mantle.

Don’t underrate this addition to the living room.

It’s going to enhance the look of the living room and also look impressive from all angles.

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is going to have a captivating aesthetic to it.

This is due to how commanding it’s going to be in the living room. This works well because it’s going to brighten the living room and also elevate the rest of the furniture.

We find this to be wonderful in luxury living rooms.

The overall look of the room changes and you get more value for each decor item in the living room with this beautiful full-length mirror.

Large Round Mirror

Round mirrors are great and have that classical touch you are going for when attempting to craft an elegant living room idea.

This is a charming fixture.

It’s going to look pleasing and it’s not going to have those sharp edges that might be odd in some living rooms. We would look at this as a way to soften the living room’s wall space and help brighten it too.

Gorgeous Mirrors Behind The Sofa

Where are the mirrors going to be placed in the living room?

In this idea, you are going to be using multiple mirrors and putting them right behind the sofa. This works well because it’s going to draw attention to the sofa and make it the centerpiece.

This can work well depending on how your living room is laid out.

The right mirrors are going to be the cherry on top.

Long Horizontal Mirror

A long horizontal mirror is one of those options that will work well in most living rooms and is going to have a traditional aesthetic that works.

Choose a long horizontal mirror that’s in line with your visual needs.

If you have enough space on the wall, this is going to be a good fit and it’s going to draw a good amount of light to the living room as well.

Retro Mirror

This is a unique option.

When it comes to decorating a living room with mirrors, going with a retro mirror might not be a terrible idea.

This is a great option because it’s going to move away from traditional shapes. This includes round and/or rectangular mirrors. Instead, you are going to be looking at a gorgeous retro mirror.

Floor Mirror With TV Stand

A floor mirror is a neat option and it’s going to come down to where it’s being placed in the living room.

You are going to want to set up the floor mirror in a safe spot in the living room. This is going to include making sure the TV stand is safe too.

Have it set right beside the TV stand with a small gap.

This will be good enough to get both items to complement each other.

Arched Floor Mirror

An arched floor mirror is a riveting addition to the living room.

It has a modern aesthetic that’s elegant and fascinating to look at. You are not going to be disappointed by the overall nature of this mirror and how it’s going to turn out as soon as you set it up.

We adore this look and find it to be sophisticated.

Mirrored Wall Panels

We like this look because it’s different from the other suggestions.

In this idea, you are going to be using a mirrored wall panel in the living room. This means there are going to be small mirrors lined up next to each other on the wall creating a complete panel.

This is gorgeous and it looks fascinating due to the small breaks between the mirrors.

Trio Of Mirrors

How many mirrors are you putting up on the wall?

In this idea, you are going to be putting up a trio of mirrors. The three mirrors are going to complement each other and balance out the living room.

We like the idea of three mirrors because there is symmetry involved in how they turn out as soon as they are installed on the wall.

Leaning Floor Mirror

A leaning floor mirror is going to captivate people in the living room because of how it is installed.

It is going to be leaning.

The leaning aspect is what makes it enticing. It’s going to end up being a unique part of the living room and it can be dressed up well based on what your living room theme is.

Floor Mirror Behind The Couch

A floor mirror behind the couch is a fascinating idea.

This idea is going to look at going with a large floor mirror. This mirror has to be large enough for it to be at least half above the couch in front of it or this is not going to work out well.

The hidden element makes it more enticing.

It is also going to draw more attention to the couch, which is great in living rooms.

White Floor Mirror

What type of floor mirror are you putting in the living room?

We would take a look at going with a white floor mirror. This is a gorgeous floor mirror because it’s going to work well in a cozy living room.

It will elevate that vibe and make it tranquil.

Arched Mantle Mirror

The arched mantle mirror is a good option for those who do have a fireplace.

You are going to place this arched mirror on top and make it a showpiece. It is going to brighten the space from the top of the fireplace mantle and it’s going to be a unique aesthetic too.

We adore this vibe and it works well in fireplace living rooms.