Can You Defrost Freezer With Hairdryer? (Answered)

If a freezer is developing frost, it’s important to tackle this issue head-on.

You don’t want things to spiral out of control as that is when the appliance breaks down on you. It’s recommended to defrost the freezer using external solutions.

This will lead you to ask, is it smart defrosting freezer with a hairdryer?

Defrosting the freezer with a hairdryer is perfectly acceptable. It will provide an immediate source of heat to melt the frost inside a freezer. Please note, it’s recommended to stand clear of any water inside the freezer when using a hairdryer while keeping the cord far away too.

Do not take a risk when it comes to your safety and well-being.

Take all necessary precautions and make sure you are patient while defrosting the freezer using a hairdryer.

Here is a look at how to defrost a freezer using a hairdryer at home.

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How To Use Hairdryer To Defrost A Freezer

1. Plug Hairdryer Into A Separate Outlet

When learning how to defrost an upright freezer or chest freezer, it’s essential to use something that provides an immediate source of heat.

It is due to this requirement that most people use hairdryers.

It’s a simple and effective solution that will provide immediate results.

The first step during this process is to plug the hairdryer into a separate outlet. This means not connecting it near the appliance as that can lead to you getting shocked if there’s water nearby.

Keep the cord far away from the freezer. This is why using another outlet is the right way to go and the safer option.

defrosting freezer with hairdryer

2. Start With A Small Area

If you want to defrost a freezer in minutes, it’s best to start in small areas within the appliance.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you create enough heat within that space to cause the ice to melt. Otherwise, you are not going to get fast-acting results as you had imagined.

Start with a small spot that is approximately one foot by one foot.

This is enough space to work on and will ensure the heat melts the ice within seconds. For most people, this process is not going to take a long time at all because hairdryers provide a constant burst of hot air.

If done wisely, you are going to see exceptional results by using the hairdryer to defrost a freezer at home.

3. Continue Working On The Frost Until All Of It Melts

The next step is to make sure you are working on the frost until all of it melts.

Your goal should be to work your way through from top to bottom. This will ensure you melt all of the ice and then that hot water trickles down to the rest of the frost.

This will speed up the melting process because the hot water is going to work its way through the frost underneath.

It’s an effective solution that will work the way you want it to and is going to be quick too. For most people, this is only going to require a few minutes of hard work as the hairdryer will melt the frost quickly.

defrosting freezer with hairdryer

4. Find The Root Cause and Fix It

A lot of people don’t realize that defrosting a freezer using a hairdryer is not going to offer permanent results.

You have to know what is causing the frost to develop inside a freezer.

This can include the temperature being too low or the condenser not working as it is supposed to. Find out what is going on and fix that particular problem as soon as you can.

It’s important to look into this to ensure you don’t have to keep hair drying the freezer throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips on defrosting your freezer with a hairdryer.

To defrost a freezer with a hairdryer, it’s recommended to start by plugging it in a separate outlet. This will keep the plug far away from the standing water and ice. Once you do this, target a small space within the freezer and begin melting it using the hairdryer. It’s best to start at the top to let the hot water trickle down to melt the remaining frost.

This is a simple way to melt frost inside a freezer using nothing more than a hairdryer.

For most people, the goal is to defrost the freezer and a portable hairdryer will get the job done.

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