Did Mill’s Pride Go Out Of Business? (Explained!)

Mill’s Pride was a popular choice for kitchens during the early 2000s.

It was seen as a cutting-edge solution that was refined, easy on the eyes, and perfect when it came to longevity. This appeal led it to become a household name for kitchen renovations. When it came to kitchen cabinets, most homeowners were found leaning towards Mill’s Pride cabinets.

However, you may wonder where Mill’s Pride kitchen cabinets are nowadays. Did Mill’s Pride go out of business?

Mill’s Pride went out of business in 2008 and its kitchen cabinets were permanently discontinued. This includes any associated warranty program with its existing kitchen cabinets.

The reason for Mill’s Pride going out of business had to do with a lack of profitability. The business was not doing well with its bottom line despite having appeal on the open market. Eventually, it started losing business in places such as Home Depot.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons Mill’s Pride is out of business.

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Reasons Mill’s Pride Went Out Of Business

1. Lack of Profits

One of the main concerns with Mill’s Pride kitchen cabinets had to do with profitability.

After all, they were running a business and this meant the revenue had to be greater than the expenses for them to make money. While the business did well in its earlier years, the demand couldn’t help keep the brand afloat.

There were many hurdles the business faced including competition in the open market and rising material costs.

Due to this, the business had to focus on finding a way to reduce the expenses and make sure their return on investment was high enough. Unfortunately, the business was unable to meet its target and continued to head in the wrong direction.

A lot of homeowners preferred using these kitchen cabinets but that was not enough. The Mill’s Pride cabinets slowly started to slip out of the top options on the market and that is when things turned pear-shaped.

The company had to close as it was unable to justify staying open.

did mills pride go out of business

2. Challenging Price Point

With Mill’s Pride kitchen cabinetry, the reason they struggled had to do with setting a high price point that was not ideal for how the business had to be run.

They tried all sorts of ways to make sure the demand was out there and they could continue to hit their price targets.

In the beginning, Mill’s Pride did a good job and was able to hit its desired targets. This started to change as time went on and the price had to keep dropping. These price drops were difficult as they couldn’t find out what needed to happen to tap into the market’s requirements.

3. Fading Demand

The demand is something that keeps any business afloat.

To this day, there are people that talk about Mill’s Pride kitchen cabinets because they were great. There was a real quality to them and that is what appealed to the average homeowner wanting to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.

However, there was a limit to how much they could squeeze out of the demand. They hit a wall and that is when things went wrong.

The Mill’s Pride cabinet doors were not earning the same interest as they used to. Others in the market started to flood in and this meant Mill’s Pride had to adjust. Those adjustments simply didn’t work out as they had wanted.

did mills pride go out of business

4. Average Warranty Program

The warranty program is a critical piece when it comes to showcasing what the business was struggling with as it tried to figure out the root cause of its issues.

The warranty program was designed to back up the quality of the kitchen cabinets. This was true and the warranty that came along with the cabinets was excellent.

What went wrong was the cost of running the warranty program.

While it wasn’t the main issue, it didn’t help and that is how things added up. The business stopped running and with it went the warranty program for existing cabinet owners.

Mill’s Pride Home Depot has to offer is also void of the listed warranty program. The retail store states they are unable to back up that warranty as there is no one to pay for it.

Final Thoughts

Did Mill’s Pride go out of business?

Mill’s Pride did go out of business in the early 2000s. The business struggled to become profitable and this harmed its ability to stay afloat. As a result, the business permanently closed and its warranty was also canceled.

This demonstrates the issues Mill’s Pride had to deal with and why it was never able to get going once the struggles came around.

While people still talk about their cabinets, the brand faded quickly.

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