How To Remove Dirt Under Carpet Pad (Solved)

When you lift a carpet, it’s surprising to see how messy it can be.

Most people assume there will be a little bit of dust but that’s not the case. Instead, you will sometimes find dust under the carpet pad leaving quite the mess.

Dirt under the carpet pad means the padding has started to deteriorate and break down. This causes the bottom of the underlay to fall apart. To fix the issue, turn over the carpet, sweep aside the debris, and pour mineral water to loosen any glued areas under the pad.

It is important to avoid letting the carpet pad deteriorate any further than it has right now. The best approach is to replace the carpet pad as soon as this happens.

For more on handling dirt under a carpet pad, this guide will explain the steps to follow when removing this mess.

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Steps To Remove Dirt Under Carpet Pad

1. Turn Over The Carpet Pad

The first step is to turn over the carpet pad.

You will want complete access to the flooring underneath. This ensures you can assess the amount of debris that is under the padding and what’s required to sweep it aside.

Remember, don’t just lift parts of the carpet pad.

You will want to turn over the entire pad to ensure you see precisely how much debris is under the carpet pad.

It’s also important to inspect the bottom of the carpet pad to see how extensive the damage is. If it’s a little bit, you might have a few more months with the pad. If it’s substantial deterioration, the best course of action is to clean up the mess and replace the pad.

2. Sweep The Debris Into A Pile

When there’s a mess under the carpet pad, you will want to consider removing the debris as soon as possible.

To do this, use a broom and begin sweeping it aside into a pile.

Just make sure to get all of the debris that is present under the carpet pad.

After you have swept it into a pile, the next step is to vacuum the mess. Make sure to not have any more of the debris lying on the ground as that will get in the way when you reset the carpet pad or invest in a new one.

3. Pour Mineral Water To Help Loosen Glued Areas

You will notice certain spots that are glued.

These spots are common to help set the padding. If you don’t loosen the glue, it’s going to look messy and will also make it difficult to clean the floor thoroughly.

As a result, you will want to take a few cups of mineral water and pour it onto the floor. The goal is to help loosen the glued areas and then pick up the remaining debris.

Once you are done and the floor is clean, let it air dry.

You can also expedite the process by using a hairdryer. This is up to you.

Do not put a new carpet pad onto the floor while it is wet. This can create bacterial growth and mold.

dirt under carpet pad

Why Is There So Much Dirt Under My Carpet?

It’s common for there to be dirt under the carpet due to the padding deteriorating. The “dirt” is black debris that strips off of the carpet pad. It’s recommended to turn over the pad, sweep aside the debris, and install a new carpet pad when this happens.

If you continue to use the carpet pad, it will get worse with time.

It’s common for this to happen as a carpet pad begins to age.

When the debris stays under the pad for too long, it will begin to harm the carpet. It can also damage the flooring depending on how excessive the mess is.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if you want to remove dirt under a carpet pad

Dirt under the carpet pad happens when the bottom begins to deteriorate. To fix the issue, turn over the carpet pad, sweep the debris aside, pour mineral water to loosen the glued areas, and wipe the floor. If necessary, replace the carpet pad too.

This will ensure the carpet is fully protected and the padding does not begin to shift underneath.

If a carpet pad is overused, it will deteriorate and that can ruin the carpeting. Take this as a sign that a change is required and focus on using a new solution.

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