Disadvantages Of Stacking Washer And Dryer (Explained)

It is common for people to set up washers and dryers on top of each other.

In the past, this did not happen as the machines were not capable of being set up in such a manner. However, modern engineering has made it possible to go with a stackable setup and still see good results.

While the positives are easy to see, you will also want to take a look at the main disadvantages of stacking a washer and dryer.

The disadvantages of stacking a washer and dryer include pricing, reduced loading efficiency, being hard to move, and difficulty accessing the top appliance.

It is normal for a person to like the idea of saving horizontal space. However, it will still take up vertical spacing, which might not be ideal for your situation.

It’s best to know what the measurements are before going down this path.

Here is a breakdown of the main disadvantages of stacking a washer and dryer.

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Cons Of Stacking Washer And Dryer

1. Pricing

The cons of stacking a washer and dryer are sometimes associated with the budget.

You are going to have a set amount put aside for this investment. Yes, it is important to get the best possible appliance but there will be a ceiling as to how much you can spend on this asset.

While all of this is true, the cost of going with a stackable washer and dryer is high.

You are going to need to spend more for this type of setup and that is a cost some people cannot afford to move forward with.

If you are someone with a tight budget, you will not want to go down this route. It is not as cost-efficient as going with a more traditional set of appliances.

This does make a difference when you are thinking about the options available to you and how long the appliances will last.

2. Reduced Loading Efficiency

Loading efficiency is also going to matter when it comes to this type of setup.

It is not as easy to load.

You will find it difficult to put the clothes inside and that is a real hassle over the long term. Yes, you might not notice this at first but it does add up when there is a larger load to deal with.

To avoid this, people like to go with the side-by-side setup because it is easier to manage.

It is also common for these appliances to be thinner. This is to save space, but it also means you are not going to have as much space for your larger loads.

3. Harder To Move Around And Maintain

Just like it is hard to reach the top appliance, you are also going to want to consider how difficult it is to move the appliances around.

Both of them are stacked.

This means you will need to move both whenever one of them doesn’t work. This is a real hassle compared to going with the side-by-side layout.

If you are always going to want to move the appliances around then it is not ideal to go with the stacked setup. It will be difficult to manage.

Keep this in mind when you are thinking about going with something that’s easy to maintain.

4. Harder To Access The Top Appliance

It is important to also consider how you are going to use this type of setup during the day.

A person that is not as tall might find it difficult to reach the top appliance.

This is when stacking the washer and dryer can become a nuisance rather than advantageous. If you are shorter, you will want to take this into account before venturing down this path.

If it is going to be hard to reach the top appliance then it is likely not worth it for you.

This makes it difficult to put the clothes in and also take them out later.

Final Thoughts

These are the main disadvantages of stacking the washer and dryer.

When it comes to the disadvantages of stacking the washer and dryer, it starts with the expensive pricing, reduced loading efficiency, difficulty maintaining the appliances, and difficulty moving them around.

It is a hassle to pull the top appliance out and fix it.

This is why most property owners don’t like this type of setup even when it is space-efficient. Yes, saving space is important but you are also paying more for something that’s difficult to manage.

When these appliances start giving you trouble, it is not as easy to keep them in line. This is why a side-by-side layout is still a good option.

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