Can You Put A Dishwasher Around The Corner From Sink? (Solved)

A dishwasher is a staple appliance when it comes to any new-age kitchen and it needs to be in the most versatile part of the room.

Lots of kitchens don’t leave you with much choice when it comes to the placement of a dishwasher. This can make it much harder to find a good fit that will work out as planned over time.

However, you will wonder if you can put a dishwasher around the corner from the sink.

You can put a dishwasher around the corner from a sink. The drain line can be extended to reach the dishwasher’s new location. However, this is not a recommended setup and should be avoided if possible to avoid unnecessary plumbing concerns.

Many people also believe that having a dishwasher away from the sink creates usability issues.

It’s a lot easier to have it closer to the sink as it makes it easier to wipe the dishes and then place them in the dishwasher.

If you are going to be using the dishwasher regularly, this is a detail you want to account for right away.

This guide will focus on whether or not it is good to install a dishwasher around the corner from a sink.

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Benefits Of Dishwasher Around The Corner From A Sink

1. Versatile Spot Based On Kitchen’s Layout

Finding the right spot for a kitchen’s layout is essential.

You will need to understand where the dishwasher can go without blocking other appliances and/or your ability to move around in the space.

This is a common concern because the dishwasher door does get in the way when it is open.

If the best spot is to have it away from the sink then that is something you are going to want to account for.

Due to this, some people prefer installing the dishwasher around the corner from a sink because it simply is more efficient.

dishwasher around corner from sink

2. Opens Up Space Around The Sink

You will want to think about the amount of space that’s opened up with an installation such as this.

When it comes to dishwasher placement rules, you will want to think about how much space opens up with specific installation spots.

In this case, you might end up opening up quite a bit of space near the sink. This is essential if the sink is in the corner or is in a tighter spot.

If so, you might not want to put the dishwasher in the same spot. This is why more and more people look to install a dishwasher away from the sink.

3. Customizes The Layout

Do you want to personalize the kitchen’s layout?

This is easier said than done when you don’t have much of a say on where the dishwasher goes.

By having it around the corner from a sink, you do have a lot of control over where the dishwasher is installed and how the kitchen looks.

This is why people prefer moving the dishwasher away from the sink. It opens up more space and it allows you to personalize each part of the space.

This is far better than knowing the dishwasher will only be next to the sink.

dishwasher around corner from sink

Can You Put A Dishwasher Next To A Corner Sink?

It is not recommended to put a dishwasher next to a sink. This will box in the sink and make it difficult to use when the dishwasher door is open. Always consider usability when installing a dishwasher. With corner sinks, it’s better to have the dishwasher a few feet away in a different location.

How Far Away From A Sink Can A Dishwasher Be?

A dishwasher can be up to 12 feet away from the dishwasher as long as the drain is linked to the appliance correctly. A drain pipe is required to help the dishwasher function and has to be installed carefully to integrate the dishwasher with the existing plumbing.

Final Thoughts

Can you have a dishwasher around the corner from a sink?

You can put a dishwasher around the corner from a sink. The distance between the two can be up to 12 feet without compromising the plumbing’s efficiency.

You must take the time to find a spot that is efficient for your space. Some kitchens will do better by having the dishwasher next to a sink, while others won’t.

There is nothing wrong with installing a dishwasher around the corner from a sink if that is the most optimal spot for the appliance.

Each appliance is important in the kitchen and that includes the dishwasher. It should still be in a usable part of the space but that doesn’t mean it needs to be next to the sink.

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