Dishwasher High Loop Vs Air Gap (Compared)

Building codes can often dictate which direction a property owner goes in when it comes to a dishwasher’s setup.

Some building codes strictly demand an air gap and nothing else.

However, what if you do have a choice where you reside? It then becomes important to pinpoint what your options are and which setup will work best for you moving forward.

This is when it’s time to compare a dishwasher high loop vs air gap.

A dishwasher air gap is noted for being safer, more efficient, and offering the path of least resistance to the water. In comparison, a high loop is better at preventing water from going back into the appliance and tends to be easier to set up.

For the most part, you should be looking at setting up an air gap for your dishwasher. It’s simply the right way to go and is noted for being far more effective from a safety perspective.

If you want to follow what experts believe is the right option then the air gap is your only viable choice.

This guide will take a look at this comparison between dishwasher high loop vs air gap to see which one is the right fit for you and which factors to account for.

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Comparing Dishwasher High Loop Vs Air Gap

1. Efficiency

Do I need an air gap for my dishwasher?

Yes, it is recommended to have an air gap for your dishwasher. This is far more efficient and safe in comparison to alternative solutions.

For most people, the air gap is going to work well because it will help offer a simple path for the dishwasher and is going to ensure it works well in all situations.

Most people just want to set up a solution that is going to work well and isn’t going to get in the way.

Air gaps in dishwashers are much easier to maintain and tend to perform better over long periods.

dishwasher high loop vs air gap

2. Safety

What is the one thing you are going to want right away?

You will want a solution that is safe and is not going to compromise the dishwasher. This is what you are going to get with an air gap.

High loops tend to be unsafe and can damage the dishwasher if they are not set up the right way.

This is why building codes tend to ask for an air gap.

It is much more effective and that makes it safer to use too.

If safety is what you are after, the air gap is essential.

3. Path Of Least Resistance

To the surprise of many people, the water that is going to be in the dishwasher has to go through without resistance.

If there is resistance, this can create a situation where it begins to back up and not go where it is supposed to.

The air gap tends to work better because it offers the path of least resistance. Of course, this does not mean a high loop isn’t effective when it comes to avoiding water draining back into the appliance.

High loops do work well in preventing these issues, but air gaps are a bit more effective and easier to maintain.

dishwasher high loop vs air gap

4. Setup Time

The last detail to think about would be the setup time.

This might not matter to those who are not going to be doing this on their own but it does to those who are completing the project.

High loops tend to be easier to set up.

The air gap takes a bit of time, but it is also the safer option. This is a balancing act for those who are setting up a dishwasher and getting the plumbing in place.

If your only goal is to save time then the high loop might be your best bet.

Is A High Loop As Good As An Air Gap?

A high loop is not as good as an air gap for your dishwasher. It is not as safe, effective, or ideal for water management when it comes to the appliance. However, a high loop does save time when it comes to the setup and tends to do well when it comes to water draining back into the appliance.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when comparing dishwasher high loop vs air gap.

A dishwasher air gap is safer, far more effective, and tends to provide a path of least resistance for the water ensuring it goes to where it needs to. In comparison, a dishwasher high loops save time during the setup process and do well when protecting water from draining back into the appliance.

It comes down to your preference.

For most people, the building code is going to dictate what happens. Around the world, it is common for an air gap to be requested by the government as it is deemed to be safer.

If you have a choice, this is likely the right way to go for you too.

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