My Dishwasher Only Has 2 Wires! (Explained)

When installing a dishwasher, it’s common to want to make sure everything is in the right place.

This includes the wiring.

You don’t want a situation where the dishwasher doesn’t power up because you didn’t connect the wiring as required.

While you are installing a dishwasher at home, you might notice there are fewer wires than you expected. This includes a situation where the dishwasher only has 2 wires.

If a dishwasher only has 2 wires, this means there is no grounding wire. It’s best to connect and install a self-drilling screw into the junction box. The copper wire from the dishwasher will then connect to the screw creating the appropriate grounding needed to complete the circuit.

For the most part, it’s rare for manufacturers to not include the necessary wiring to ground a dishwasher.

If it is the case with yours, it is time to look at either finding a grounding spot on the junction box or crafting your own using a self-drilling screw as mentioned here.

This guide will go deeper into pointing out what you have to do when a dishwasher only has 2 wires.

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Steps To Follow If Dishwasher Only Has 2 Wires

1. Check The Junction Box

The first thing you are going to do if a dishwasher does not have a ground wire is to look at the junction box.

You have to understand that a dishwasher should not be running unless it is grounded. This is going to create a dangerous situation where the dishwasher will not have an outlet for the electrical charge to go through.

This is unsafe and not how a dishwasher should be set up.

For the first step, you will want to head to the junction box on the property. The goal is to see whether or not there is a way to connect the copper wire to the junction box as a way to ground the appliance.

In most cases, you will have a spot for it.

If not, you are going to need to create your own as soon as you can.

dishwasher only has 2 wires

2. Use A Self-Drilling Screw For Junction Box

If the dishwasher does not have a ground wire, you will want to start with the self-drilling screw.

A self-drilling screw is designed to act as the contact point for your dishwasher. You are going to use this to sync the circuit and make sure the dishwasher is connected in the right spot and is fully grounded as required.

Where does the self-drilling screw go?

You are going to want to connect it to the metal on the junction box. This will be the appropriate spot for the self-drilling screw as you ground the dishwasher safely.

3. Connect Copper Wire To Self-Drilling Screw

The next step is to connect the copper wire.

You will want to have the copper wire running from the dishwasher to the self-drilling screw. This wire is going to need to be grounded and that is why you are going to use the self-drilling screw in the junction box.

As soon as you do this, the copper wire will link to the self-drilling screw.

By doing this, you will make sure the dishwasher is as grounded as it needs to be.

dishwasher only has 2 wires

4. Check The Circuit

You will now want to take a look at the circuit.

The purpose of doing this is to make sure the dishwasher is connected in a way where the appliance can continue to run without having a lack of grounding in place.

The grounding wire is essential in any circuit.

When the dishwasher is running, you will want to make sure the circuit is as it needs to be. This is a must.

Look into this in greater detail.

You will want to see whether or not there is any buzzing noise coming from the dishwasher when it is turned on. If there is, you will want to reassess the circuit to make sure everything is intact.

Final Thoughts

It is important to think about these steps when it comes to a situation where the dishwasher only has 2 wires.

If a dishwasher only has 2 wires, this means it does not have a grounding wire. To fix the issue, start by looking for a connecting point in the junction box. If there is none, use a self-drilling screw and drill into the junction box, connect the copper wire, and complete the circuit.

This is the only way to make sure you have a DIY solution in place when it comes to grounding the dishwasher as soon as possible.

Be diligent while doing this and make sure you are paying attention to how the circuit works. This is a must to get the results you are hoping for.

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