Do All Dishwashers Have Filters? (Solved)

It’s common to consider specific elements of a dishwasher including the basket, pods, and spray arms.

However, there is one more element that has to be accounted for.

This would be the dishwasher filter.

A question people often have is, do all dishwashers have filters?

Yes, all dishwashers have filters. These are built into the appliance to help filter water and make sure everything drains. This prevents clogging and/or bits of food from landing back on the dishes.

To make sure the dishwasher continues to function as planned, it’s important to maintain the dishwasher filter. You will want to make sure it’s unclogged and kept clean with regular maintenance.

This also includes taking the time to replace a dishwasher filter when it is past the point of no return.

This can happen with older appliances and it’s best to act ahead of time.

Keeping this in mind, you will want to learn more about dishwasher filters. This article will break down a few details surrounding dishwasher filters and what to consider when using the appliance.

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How Do I Know If My Dishwasher Has A Filter?

A dishwasher will always have a filter. It will be located at the bottom of the appliance. To locate the specific spot, take out the bottom rack, and look for the filters near the back corner of the floor.

The reason a dishwasher filter is located at the bottom is due to gravity.

The water is going to funnel down, which will ensure it will filter easily without leaving a mess. This is critical when the goal is to keep the dishes clean once they have been rinsed.

The filter also has an important part to play when it comes to the drain.

If things get clogged, the water is going to get backed up. This leaves a considerable mess and that is the last thing you are going to want.

This is why the dishwasher filter is essential to the appliance’s functionality.

do all dishwashers have filters

Do Older Dishwashers Have Filters?

Older dishwashers do have filters. These filters are often listed as being “self-cleaning” if the appliance is older than 10 years. Nowadays, manufacturers prefer removable filters as they are quieter. Self-cleaning filters tend to make more noise as they grind the debris.

This is also going to be located near the bottom of the appliance.

If you are dealing with an older dishwasher, it will still have a filter. Look for it near the base and you will often notice it’s going to be self-cleaning.

This is why most owners don’t think about the filter with older models.

Where Is My Dishwasher Filter Located?

The dishwasher filter is located at the bottom of the appliance. It can be found by removing the bottom rack and looking at the back corner of the appliance. In some models it’s on the right side and others will have it on the left.

The reason it is set up at the base of the dishwasher is to help drain the debris and water effectively.

Gravity helps with this and it also keeps the dishes clean.

In most cases, you will want to know the location of the dishwasher filter to make sure a mess is not left behind.

do all dishwashers have filters

Is My Dishwasher Filter Removable?

In newer models, the dishwasher filter is removable. It can be replaced with a compatible alternative to make sure the filtration process is efficient. However, older models have a self-cleaning filter, which is not removable.

You will want to look at which type of dishwasher you are dealing with.

The self-cleaning dishwasher filter is often reserved for models that are ten or more years older.

For everything newer, you are likely dealing with a removable dishwasher filter. If you have any concerns about your specific model, the best way to check is to go to the filter itself.

Remove the bottom rack and look at the back corner of the appliance.

You will notice if it is removable or not.

Final Thoughts

Do all dishwashers have filters?

All dishwashers have filters. Some have removable filters and others have self-cleaning filters. To find out which one your appliance has, remove the bottom rack and look at the back corners.

You will always want to make sure the dishwasher filter is in good shape and well-maintained.

If you don’t do this, you are going to risk damaging the appliance and/or ruining the washing process.

This can also cause the water to back up inside the dishwasher and ruin the cleaned dishes inside the appliance.

This is why maintaining the dishwasher filter is a must and something you should be accounting for with your schedule.

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