Do Bed Slats Make A Difference? (Solved)

It’s important to not only consider the type of mattress you are resting on but also what is going on underneath it.

There is nothing worse than choosing a world-class mattress only to hate the surface you are resting on due to the box spring underneath.

This happens a lot and it is essential to look at both as a package deal. It is the only way to make sure you are not being affected.

The first thing you want to ask is, do bed slats make a difference?

Yes, bed slats do make a difference. Bed slats are known for being firmer, making less noise, and working well with memory foam mattresses due to their added stability.

A lot of people hate resting on box springs because they make too much noise or don’t feel as good despite having a great mattress.

This is normal and that is why most people are now shifting to bed slats.

Here are some of the advantages of bed slats for modern users and why they are the right way to go for your sleeping experience.

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Benefits Of Bed Slats

1. Firmer

Bed slats are great because they have a firmer design.

What does this mean?

The surface is not going to bend as much nor is it going to start breaking down easily. This is due to how robust the slats are.

This is good because a mattress should not start folding due to what is underneath. This happens with box springs, especially as they start to show their age.

Your best bet is to go with the bed slats.

They are going to offer a firmer surface that is effective while tossing and turning at night. Whether you are at the edge of the bed or in the center, the firmness is going to be consistent.

This does go a long way for those who are thinking about finding a surface that works for their body type.

2. Less Noise

It is not easy to go to sleep at night when the base is making too much noise.

This happens with box springs and it does get frustrating.

For most people, being able to rest at night means sleeping on a quiet surface. This is more than just finding a good mattress, you also have to make sure the base is strong.

This is how you are going to avoid a situation where the base continues making noise at night.

With this in mind, bed slats are great because they are quiet.

If you are sleeping with your partner in the same bed, this makes all the difference in the world.

3. Good For Memory Foam Mattresses

Most people are now investing in memory foam mattresses.

The reason has to do with the quality of these mattresses and how well they nestle the body at night.

When you are resting for long hours on the same spot, you will want to ensure your joints don’t ache as soon as you wake up.

You will not have these issues due to how well bed slats work with memory foam mattreses. They provide a consistent surface for the mattress to sit on and that delivers better results.

For a lot of people, this benefit alone is useful.

4. Durable

The last advantage has to do with durability.

When you are thinking about investing in a new base, you will want something that lasts, There is no reason for going with a box spring because they tend to break down easily.

Instead, you will want to take a look at bed slats.

Bed slats are rigid and robust. This means they are not going to break down easily even if you are using the bed regularly.

The way these slats are set up also makes them less likely to break down. It is this level of design that goes a long way.

Final Thoughts

Do bed slats make a difference?

Bed slats do make a difference. They are firmer, don’t make as much noise, and tend to last longer when set up. For modern users, it is best to go with bed slats in comparison to a box spring.

Of course, you will need to figure out what works well for your setup.

Some will want to stick with the box spring because it is all they have ever known. However, if you want to go with a better option then it is time to take a look at bed slats.

Bed slats are the real deal and will offer a much better resting experience at night.

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