Do Chandeliers Have To Match? (Answered)

Placing multiple chandeliers in the same room means understanding the importance of coordination, balance, and aesthetics.

If the wrong combination of chandeliers is set up, it will look out of place and inappropriate for the setting.

This is why lighting fixtures need to be chosen with care and that includes taking the time to understand what your options are.

The first thing to think about would be – do chandeliers have to match?

Chandeliers do not have to match. If they are at least 6+ feet away, it’s okay to mix and match chandeliers while setting them at the same height. If they are closer then it’s recommended to attempt to match them as they will look like a pair.

It’s common for property owners to worry about choosing the wrong chandeliers for their room especially when installing two or more.

By taking the time to measure the distance between them and ensuring you are going with good-quality chandeliers, the look will be in line with what you are hoping for.

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How To Match Different Chandeliers

1. Choose A Similar Color

When trying to coordinate chandeliers, it’s important to have a similar theme.

You can pick and choose how you want to go about doing this.

For some cases, you might want to match the materials they are made out of. In other situations, you will look at going with the same color.

This will help match the chandeliers without having them be an exact match.

It’s not easy to find an exact match at times, which is why you have to take creative liberties as a property owner.

When you go with the same type of color, the chandeliers will look like brothers or sisters, which is close enough in creating an overarching theme for the room.

This is common in many settings and it does work well.

Take your time to think about this when it comes to yielding the type of results you’re hoping for.

do chandeliers have to match

2. Create A Gap Of 6 Or More Feet

The gap is going to play a role.

You will not want to have the pair of chandeliers close together. This creates a real hurdle that is not easy to manage at the best of times.

What happens is you end up in a situation where the gap is not big enough and it’s obvious the chandeliers are different.

People will see them as a pair and when they don’t match, they will stand out for the wrong reasons!

This is why you have to utilize spacing to your advantage.

You do this by setting up the chandeliers with at least a 6-foot gap.

3. Set The Same Height

You are also going to want to take the time to set the same height.

This is a real concern for people because you have to get it pinpoint accurate. This is the only way the chandeliers are not going to stand out.

You will want them to be set at precisely the same height making it easier to see them as a part of the overall room.

When one chandelier is lower than the other, it starts bringing all of the attention towards that specific difference.

This will also shine a light on the difference between the two chandeliers.

do chandeliers have to match

4. Choose Room-Appropriate Chandeliers

It is always important to choose room-appropriate chandeliers.

What does this mean?

In essence, you are going to want to choose chandeliers that will work with the rest of the room and its elements.

For example, what you use in a living room is going to be far different from what you use in the main foyer of a house.

These are subtle differences that can often play a role in making a chandelier fit in or fit-out in a room.

Always take the time to consider how the rest of the space will look as soon as the chandeliers are set up.

Do All Chandeliers Need To Match?

All chandeliers do not need to match. It’s common to have subtle differences as long as they are set at the same height and have one commonality (i.e. color, material). It is also recommended to maintain a gap of at least 6 feet between the two fixtures to minimize the differences.

Final Thoughts

Do chandeliers have to match?

Chandeliers do not have to match. It’s okay to have different chandeliers in the same room as long as they have one linking feature (i.e. color, pattern, material). It is also best to increase the gap between the two fixtures and ensure there is at least a six-foot space between them.

This will help reduce the differences between the two fixtures and make them settle into the overall aesthetic of the space.

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