Do Curtains Block Heat? (Answered)

The heat inside a room can become intolerable depending on the time of year.

When it’s a hot summer’s month, you will know there are going to be days that are boiling inside. You are not going to want to turn off the AC and that can start to ramp up the utility bills.

As a result, it’s time to find a solution that can help decrease your reliance on the AC. Is there a way? Do curtains block heat?

Curtains do block heat and can be used to help reduce a home’s temperature by 60-70%. This is due to a reduction in the sunlight streaming into a home or direct heat coming from a radiator. A good, UV-resistant curtain will work well in reducing the heat in a home.

Please remember, not all curtains are made the same.

You will want to go with good blackout curtains that are UV-resistant. This is the only way you are going to get the curtains to block out heat and make the room a more tolerable place to be in.

While traditional curtains do reduce the heat a bit, a more specialized option is going to drop the temperature dramatically.

This guide is going to take a look at the reasons curtains do block heat and will make the room cooler.

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Reasons Curtain Blocks Heat

1. Immediate Reduction In Sunlight

Blackout curtains are often used for this purpose.

A curtain can block heat by simply reducing the amount of sunlight pouring into a room during the day.

If you ever take the time to sit by a window, you will notice how warm it can get where the sunlight is. This is going to be increasing the room’s temperature as more and more time is spent with the sunlight streaming in.

You will often notice cats also move towards the sunlight as they prefer warmth.

This might be good for cats or other pets, but it is also going to rapidly increase the temperature in your house.

The best option is to use thermal curtains or blackout curtains to ensure the heat doesn’t go out of control.

do curtains block heat

2. Let’s The Cooling Take Control

When it comes to the best curtains to keep the heat out, you will have to understand simply blocking the sunlight is enough.

When the sun isn’t streaming in, the cooling is going to have a better chance of gaining control over the situation.

This means even having the AC running at its current level will be enough. You are going to notice the home will get cooler faster.

This is no coincidence.

The AC will not be working against the warmth of the sunlight any longer, which can make things ten times harder.

3. Avoids Targeted Heating By The Sun

If you are going to put the curtains in an area that is known for getting a lot of sunlight then it’s important to understand how targeted the sunlight can be.

The sunlight is going to continue to pour through the window and target specific spots.

This is difficult to manage and you are going to notice the room get warmer as a result.

do curtains block heat

4. Offers UV Protection

UV protection is imperative when it comes to staying safe but also keeping the home as cool as you want it to be.

UV rays are not good for the human body and should be avoided over extended periods. There is a long list of issues that can pop up and that will only get worse as the heat ramps up too.

Your goal is to reduce the likelihood of this by using good-quality curtains.

The right curtains to block heat will go a long way in helping. You are going to gain more control of the room temperature and how protected your body is.

Final Thoughts

Do curtains block heat?

Curtains do block heat whether it’s coming from sunlight or a radiator. This acts as a barrier, which immediately reduces the room’s temperature. Investing in good, UV-resistant blackout curtains can help reduce a room’s temperature by 60-70%.

This is an instant fix and one you can implement without wasting a lot of time.

For those who are particular about the temperature in their home and want to get it right, you will need to invest in good blackout curtains.

It is these curtains that are going to make your life easier and ensure you feel at ease with the temperature during the day.

If you are not doing this, the heat is going to get worse and your AC is going to be working overtime to regain control. Don’t let this happen.

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