Do I Need 20 Amp Outlets In Kitchen? (Answered!)

Not all outlets are the same.

It’s important to understand what a 20 amp outlet does and whether or not it’s needed in the kitchen. For those wondering, it’s best to start by asking, do I need 20 amp outlets in the kitchen?

Yes, you will need two 20 amp outlets in the kitchen. These outlets are necessary to manage the high voltage requirements of traditional appliances. This circuit can then be used for a wide array of kitchen appliances including microwave ovens, blenders, toasters, and more.

It’s highly recommended to design a kitchen with the power requirements in mind. This includes setting up at least two 20 amp outlets in the kitchen.

Here are the reasons to have two 20 amp outlets in your kitchen.

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Benefits of 20 Amp Outlets In Kitchen

1. Consistent Power Output

It’s the power output that matters most.

Imagine connecting your kitchen appliances to an unstable power source. This is what happens when the kitchen doesn’t provide access to usable outlets.

By having a 20 amp outlet in your kitchen, it becomes easier to handle these appliances. You can connect them to the power source knowing they will not break down and/or burn out because the power is all over the place.

This can happen when the power outlet is not up to par with what is required.

It’s important to look for a power source that is effective in kitchens and will work well with all types of modern kitchen appliances. This includes microwave ovens and toasters. If not, you are going to be unhappy with the outlet and keep losing appliances after a few months or so.

This is why it is best to install 20 amp outlets in the kitchen. It’s a must.

Keep this in mind as you are figuring things out and making sure things are done the way you want them to be done.

You don’t want to settle for outlets that are not going to keep up with the demands of your kitchen. Otherwise, the power can be all over the place. It can also ruin the circuit as everything is interlinked in that part of the house.

do i need 20 amp outlets in kitchen

2. Protects the Appliances

Your appliances have to be protected.

Most people don’t realize that the power can damage your electrical connections. For example, let’s assume you connect a microwave oven to the outlet. In this case, you will assume the power source is going to be stable enough to work well with the appliance.

Unfortunately, this might not be the case at all!

Instead, you could have a situation where the appliance gets ruined because of a power surge or a sudden drop in power.

Protecting the appliances is a must when it comes to the electrical source being used. Otherwise, it’s common for burn outs to happen as overloading on the appliances leads to circuitry issues.

A lot of appliances are not capable of protecting themselves when this occurs.

As a result, you will have a dead appliance on your hands and it is going to become a real hassle to repair!

Keep things simple and install two 20 amp outlets in your kitchen as soon as you can.

do i need 20 amp outlets in kitchen

3. Optimizes Performance

It’s one thing to have kitchen appliances and another to get them to work the way they are engineered to.

A lot of people connect these appliances to subpar electrical sources and then wonder why they aren’t performing as marketed!

The reason has to do with the power source.

Appliances will often work at a reduced rate when using other appliances before they burnout and/or get damaged.

You will want to make sure the 20 amp kitchen outlets are on par with what the appliances need. This is a bare minimum.

Anything other than this is going to lead to inferior results that will leave you wondering what went wrong.

Related Questions

1. When Should You Use A 20 Amp Outlet?

You should use a 20 amp outlet when heavy-duty appliances and/or high-usage tools are being connected to the power source. These types of outlets are common in specific parts of the house including the kitchen and garage.

2. Should Kitchen Outlets Be 15 Or 20 Amp?

Kitchen outlets should always be 20 amps to withstand the power requirements of various appliances. A 15 amp outlet will not be as consistent or effective in this part of the house and should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Do I need 20 amp outlets in the kitchen?

Yes, you need 20 amp outlets in the kitchen. It’s recommended to have at least two 20 amp outlets in the kitchen to power appliances such as the toaster, microwave oven, and/or blender.

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