Do Lava Lamps Go Bad? (Solved)

Lava lamps are a unique light fixture that can look wonderful as soon as they are set up in a room.

This is why you will want to preserve the lava lamp and make sure it lasts for a long time. With this being a question, you may wonder, do lava lamps go bad?

Lava lamps can go bad and tend to have a lifespan of 2,000 hours. While manufacturers state the lava lamp can last forever, it tends to lose its power and quality after the 2,000-hour mark. Some well-maintained lava lamps can cross this number.

In essence, you should limit how much you use a lava lamp rather than running it into the ground.

Constant overheating is not good for a lava lamp or any lighting fixture. This is why running the lava lamp overnight is never a good idea.

This article will take a deeper look at how long a lava lamp lasts and whether or not a lava lamp can go bad.

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When Should You Throw Out A Lava Lamp?

You should throw out a lava lamp if it is broken. When the outer shell is compromised, it’s difficult to fix it and can become a costly repair. In such cases, it’s best to safely dispose of the lava lamp.

Otherwise, if it is just fading light or stuck lava lamp wax, you can always work on finding a DIY solution.

There are reliable solutions for these problems.

Whether it’s changing the bulb or using a hairdryer to loosen the wax, you can get away with maintenance options for these issues.

However, when the outer shell shatters, it is much harder to fix and is often not worth it. You have to be careful about what you do and how you do it.

do lava lamps go bad

Is It Safe To Use An Old Lava Lamp?

It is safe to use an old lava lamp. Most lava lamps can last a lifetime according to manufacturers. It’s recommended to maintain the lava lamp with care including changing the light bulb, keeping it at room temperature, and preserving its outer shell. If this is done right, an older lava lamp will work well.

This is why your maintenance routine is far more important than the age of a lava lamp.

Even though all lava lamps have a shelf life (i.e. 2,000 hours or so), you are still recommended to preserve their structural integrity.

This is how you can squeeze out a few more hours from an aging lava lamp.

Do Lava Lamps Stop Working Over Time?

Lava lamps can stop working over time. This is due to the light bulb giving out, the lava lamp wax getting stuck, or the outer shell cracking. It’s recommended to maintain the lava lamp year-round to ensure this does not happen.

Once a lava lamp stops working, it becomes much harder to fix.

The outer shell is often noted as being the kiss of death for a lava lamp. It is difficult to fix and can be a costly repair for those who do wish to pursue a fix.

This is why keeping the outer shell safe is of utmost importance.

do lava lamps go bad

How Do You Know If Your Lava Lamp Is Broken?

You will know a lava lamp is broken when the wax has separated, there are cracks in the outer shell, and/or its lighting is faded. This is often a set of signs to look out for with an aging lava lamp that is not as bright.

Some of these issues can be fixed.

For example, if the light is not good enough, it is best to change out the lava lamp bulb. Another solution is to warm the lava lamp to make sure the wax balances out inside.

However, it is much harder to fix a broken outer shell that is leaking. This can become a time when it’s better to replace the lava lamp with a newer one.

Final Thoughts

Do lava lamps go bad?

Lava lamps can go bad due to a damaged outer shell, ruined lava lamp wax, or fading light. To fix these issues, it’s best to maintain a constant schedule for changing the light bulb and keeping the lamp at room temperature.

If your lava lamp is going bad, it might still be possible to fix it.

Look to change the light bulb and make sure the lava lamp is kept at room temperature. This is a must.

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