Do LG Washing Machines Heat Their Own Water? (Solved)

When setting up an LG washing machine, you will be impressed by the various features and how they help make the washing process a breeze.

While LG does an exceptional job of creating high-quality washing machines, it’s important to understand how they function in greater detail.

This includes asking, do LG washing machines heat their own water?

LG washing machines do heat their own water. These machines are just like any other new-age machine with a built-in heating element meaning a water heater is not required to heat the water.

Your best option is to invest in a good water heater that will push warm water to the LG washing machine as soon as it needs it for further improvement.

This helps process the cycle as soon as you want it to without compromising washing quality.

Here is a look at what you can do to optimize the LG washing machine’s heating.

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How To Improve LG Washing Machine’s Hot Water

1. Inspect The Heating Element

When figuring out how to check if the washing machine is heating water, it is important to go to the source of the problem.

You will want to take a look at the heating element.

This is the component responsible for warming water that enters the LG washing machine. The compatible heating element is specifically placed to help process the water making sure it stays as warm as it needs to.

The timing mechanism is also important during the wash cycle.

This means the heating element is going to activate when the water enters during a wash cycle. This helps optimize how the water warms inside the washing machine allowing the wash cycle to commence.

Look at the heating element to see whether or not it is doing a good job of warming the water.

You can test this by letting the water fill during the wash cycle and then opening the lid to see if it is warm or not.

2. Assess The Various Settings

You should also learn how to use the LG washing machine properly.

Since LG washing machines heat their own water, you will want to see which setting is required to kick-start the wash cycle.

This is important as the wash cycle is what will trigger the machine to work as it needs to. You will want to be diligent with this process to make sure the water warms as it should.

For the most part, starting the wash cycle should help initiate this part of the washing process.

3. Check The Drain

Have you taken the time to check the drain inside the washer?

Sometimes, the drain gets clogged and that can become a major concern for how well the LG washer works. e

You might also notice the LG washing machine is not taking water. This is a clear sign there is something wrong with the water supply going into the machine or that it is draining.

When the LG washer does not drain, it will not let the water come into the appliance either. It’s best to look at whether or not the water is coming properly.

If it isn’t, fix the drain and reset the washing machine before using it.

4. Invest In A Good Water Heater

LG washing machines do warm the water, which means the heating element will do most of the work.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t take the time to invest in a good water heater. Going with a quality water heater is going to make it easier to reduce the stress that is put onto the washing machine during a wash cycle.

If the water temperature can be regulated, this makes it a lot easier for the LG washer to work as it should.

It is best to invest in this for your quality of life too.

The water heater will improve how the rest of the house’s water is. This includes when you are taking a shower.

Final Thoughts

Do LG washing machines heat their own water?

LG washing machines do heat their own water. This is done with the built-in heating element, which warms the water as soon as it enters during a wash cycle.

If you are looking to optimize the LG washing machine and how it warms the water, it’s best to inspect the heating element to make sure it’s damage-free, invest in a good water heater, and make sure you are aware of how to use the appliance.

It is these steps that will make you enjoy how the LG washer works.

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