Do Toaster Ovens Get Hot On The Outside? (Answered!)

Toaster ovens are an appliance most homeowners will invest in.

This is an appliance that can be used to prepare meals and is essential when it comes to getting the results you’re after.

However, there are certain safety elements that need to be taken into account with a toaster oven. This includes asking, do toaster ovens get hot on the outside?

Toaster ovens do get hot on the outside and will get increasingly warm the longer they’re on. Certain brands do a better job of creating stronger insulation but there will be a natural increase in heat on the outside too.

It’s best to keep the toaster oven away from any wall outlet and/or wall.

The heat can be dangerous and could lead to a fire. This is why it is important to have it set on a stable surface that is away from fire hazards.

Here is a look at tips for handling a hot toaster oven.

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Tips For Handling a Hot Toaster Oven

1. Place Away From Walls

The first thing to do is to place the toaster oven in a safe spot.

This means not having it pressed against a wall in the kitchen. This might seem like a good idea but will lead to an increased chance of burning the wall and/or sparking a fire.

The heat that is produced by the toaster oven is going to be significant. It will be warm to the touch and that can do a lot of damage to the surrounding walls. You will want to make sure there is some type of gap between the appliance and the wall at all times.

If you don’t do this, it is possible the wall will turn black and/or get ruined.

When accounting for this, it is also smart to look at placing the toaster oven away from the fridge or any other appliance in the kitchen. You might think it is best to have it in an accessible spot close to an oven or fridge, but that is not a good option.

The reason for this has to do with the exterior being too hot when it is turned on. This can damage the surrounding appliances if it is in contact with them.

do toaster ovens get hot on the outside

2. Don’t Push Against a Wall Outlet

The cord will go into the wall outlet but that doesn’t mean you should push the toaster oven right against the outlet too.

There should be a small gap between the appliance and the wall outlet at all times.

This is the only way to make sure the heat from the toaster oven doesn’t spark a fire in the kitchen. This is something that does happen if the toaster oven is left on long enough and interacts with the wall outlet.

Toaster ovens can spark if they are too close to a wall outet. It’s best to keep at least a gap of 6-12 inches from the wall outlet.

This is a risk no one should be taking.

Keep the toaster oven away from the wall outlet at all costs. As long as you do this, you will immediately cut into the chances of a fire breaking out in the kitchen.

do toaster ovens get hot on the outside

3. Don’t Place Close To A Sink

Just like you don’t want to place the toaster oven close to a wall, you also want to make sure it is not close to a sink.

The reason has to do with moisture.

When a toaster oven is on, it is going to be vulnerable to a lot of water getting in. This is dangerous and it can lead to a fire breaking out inside the toaster oven or around the electrical components.

Excess water can damage the toaster oven and also spark a fire if it spills onto the cord.

Plus, it is also going to stop working.

This is why it is smart to keep it away from the kitchen sink and have it in another part of the room.

Related Questions

1. Why Does The Outside Of My Oven Get Hot?

The outside of an oven gets hot because the surface temperature inside rises. This will spread to all parts of the oven before spreading outside. If left on for long enough, the interior and exterior of the oven will get warmer.

2. Do Toaster Ovens Make House Hot?

Toaster ovens do not make the house hot. They tend to self-contain the heat for the most part. In some cases, the exterior of the toaster oven will get slightly warmer.

Final Thoughts

Do toaster ovens get hot on the outside?

Toaster ovens do get hot on the outside due to the surface temperature inside rising. This causes the heat to spread and this has an impact on all components of the toaster oven including the outside.

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