Do White Kitchen Cabinets Get Dirty? (Explained)

White kitchens are attractive, elegant, and eye-catching. There’s a sense of cleanliness that comes along with these types of cabinets and that is something you will want to account for as a homeowner. A lot of people worry their white cabinets will get ruined over time. They often ask, do white kitchen cabinets get dirty easily?

White kitchen cabinets do get dirty easily because they don’t hide stains, discoloration, and/or smudges as well as other colors. This makes it important to have a regular maintenance schedule to keep the white kitchen cabinets looking clean.

A lot of people don’t focus on this and that is when their white kitchen cabinets begin rocking a yellowish stain!

Key factors include:

  • Age of the Kitchen Cabinets
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • General Upkeep

When it comes to asking “Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?” you are going to want to make sure to understand what dirty white kitchen cabinets look like. This will shed light on what you are getting into as a homeowner.

For the most part, white kitchen cabinets are difficult to take care of. However, newer paints are more forgiving as long as you keep wiping them every week or so.

This article will take a look at the question “Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?” while also focusing on how white kitchen cabinets get dirty.

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Ways White Kitchen Cabinets Can Get Dirty

1. Stains

It all starts with staining.

This is the biggest concern for anyone asking “Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?” because you will be worried about random stains across the front of the cabinet.

Stains can occur for all sorts of reasons including you touching the cabinets with your dirty hands. This is common because you are going to be going through the cabinets in the middle of baking or cooking!

Unfortunately, this becomes difficult to avoid when you are in this part of the house.

However, for those who are worried about staining the white kitchen cabinets, it is important to wipe them every week or so. Just a quick wipe will make sure they look good. You should also have touch-up paint to go over stains quickly.

Waiting around for the stain to settle is a major concern. This is when the white kitchen cabinets become discolored or look uneven.

do white kitchen cabinets get dirty

2. Discoloration

When asking “Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?” you have to look at how white kitchen cabinets react to regular use.

Most will do well but can start to discolor a bit.

This is disconcerting because you won’t want half of the cabinets to look white while the others are starting to yellow!

White kitchen cabinets tend to discolor when they are not maintained and this has to do with the regular temperature changes in a kitchen from cooking.

This is why most homeowners will keep the white kitchen cabinets clean by having a set cleaning schedule in place.

This includes wiping the cabinets and touching up spots with white paint.

do white kitchen cabinets get dirty

3. Smudges

Smudging is a concern too.

Some spots can smudge on a kitchen cabinet. This is common around the handle and/or any area that is close to where your hands would be.

This is where most of the concerns lie.

Smudging can lead to an unappealing look that is uneven from all angles. This can be concerning to property owners.

If you are asking “Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?” you will know the issues associated with smudging.

It’s best to stay patient and make sure you are not ruining the white kitchen cabinets. Always protect the paint by keeping it clean and wiping away any smudges that are present as soon as you spot them.

1. Are White Kitchen Cabinets Hard To Keep Clean?

Yes, white kitchen cabinets are hard to keep clean relatively speaking. The color is less forgiving when it comes to stains, smudges, and/or natural discoloration. This is why having a strict maintenance schedule becomes essential with white cabinets.

2. Do White Cabinets Stay Clean?

White cabinets do not stay clean on their own. This can include smudges, stains, and/or discoloration from regular use. This is why it’s important to maintain a cleaning schedule to wipe away the surface and make sure it doesn’t get ruined.

Final Thoughts

“Do white kitchen cabinets get dirty?”

In the end, white kitchen cabinets do get dirty. This is one of the downfalls of this type of cabinet. However, it is possible to set a schedule where you can maintain the white look without having to worry all the time.

Just set a schedule and follow it. This includes wiping the cabinets and using touch-up paint from time to time.

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