Do You Need A Permit To Move A Gas Line? (Answered)

Moving a gas line can become mandatory depending on the placement of a stove. It might cause the appliance to stick out, which means it has to be relocated.

However, there are many different reasons for moving a gas line and it’s important to be aware of the legal stipulations associated with the project.

To start you will want to ask, do you need a permit to move a gas line?

Yes, a permit is required to move a gas line. Most local governments will have a pre-determined permit application process. This will have to be completed before the gas line can be moved to a new location.

It’s highly recommended to consult with the local government to get a read on what your options are. With this information, you can then make sure the property is legally compliant and does not create hurdles later during a property inspection.

If a gas line is moved without a permit, it can void your home insurance policy, lead to a fine, and/or cause your sale to get rejected when selling the property.

This article will dive deeper into the subject to focus on what you should think about when moving a gas line from point A to point B.

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How Much Is A Permit To Move A Gas Line?

A permit will cost between $150-$300 to move a gas line. This is dependent on a local government’s cited costs and what their application process includes. It’s best to consult with a local government official to learn more about the fees.

Most cities or towns will have clear-cut legal regulations in place for moving a gas line on a property.

It’s best to go through this information and know which application has to be filled out beforehand. Do not do this after the gas line has been moved.

It’s common for the application to be rejected based on how the gas line is going to be moved.

Keep this in mind and then determine what the best course of action is. If the application goes through, you will then want to move forward with the process.

do you need a permit to move a gas line

Do Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

Plumbers do install gas lines. It’s commonly assumed plumbers only work with pipes, drains, toilets, and other similar fixtures. However, plumbers are also equipped with the credentials to repair, install, and/or relocate gas lines.

It’s highly recommended to call one when it’s time to move a gas line to a new spot on the property.

They will be well-equipped to find the right access point for the gas line. This makes it easier to move it to a new spot without damaging too much of the foundation.

If you attempt to do it on your own, the results might not be in line with what you want. This is why most will prefer to hire a plumber to move a gas line at home.

Should A Gas Line Be Moved On Your Own?

A gas line should not be moved on your own. It is not a recommended DIY project. Instead, it should be moved by a credentialed specialist such as a plumber. They will know how to move a gas line without interrupting the flow or damaging the property.

Local governments tend to vary on whether or not a DIY relocation can occur. It’s best to consult with the local government in your area to determine what the right option is.

However, experts state it is always best to get a professional to handle this process. There are many different risks associated with something like this and it can become dangerous depending on how the relocation takes place.

Keep this in mind to ensure the results are on par with what you require.

do you need a permit to move a gas line

Final Thoughts

Do you need a permit to move a gas line?

You do need a permit to move a gas line. Most local governments have a strict application process, which needs to be completed before the project begins. This helps ensure the relocation is in line with the building code.

When moving a gas line, it’s always recommended to have it done by a certified professional. They will know how to move the gas line and what’s required to optimize the process.

Do not take a risk when it comes to something like this.

If you attempt a DIY relocation, it might lead to short or long-term problems. This can include a major safety hazard depending on the mistake that’s been made. Due to the nature of this project, let a plumber handle the gas line relocation.

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