Do You Need End Tables?

When it is time to decorate your living room, you will want to think about the finer details too. A lot of people get stuck on the sofa and/or flooring but forget a room isn’t complete until everything else is in place too. This is why you will want to move your focus towards the end tables. This includes asking, do you need end tables?

End tables are not mandatory and it is possible to use a wide array of alternatives in your room including ottomans, c-side tables, and/or benches.

It comes down to the overall aesthetic of your room and how it flows.

The reasons include:

  • Spacing
  • Colors
  • Overall Theme

You will have to account for all of this when asking “Do you need end tables? to make sure the room looks the way it needs to.

Many contemporary rooms don’t make use of end tables because they venture towards other pieces that do the same thing.

It’s all about finding different ways to still make the room usable and accessible even if you don’t set up end tables.

This guide is going to look a little deeper into the query, “Do you need end tables?” while also focusing on the benefits of end tables for your room if you decide to go down that path.

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Benefits of End Tables in Your Room

1. Complete the Room’s Decor

Your room’s decor is going to be complete when you set up end tables.

This is one of the main advantages of end tables for your living room. You will know it is going to complete the overall theme you’re going for especially if you choose the right end tables for the room.

This can include the type of color and/or design you go with.

The best end tables for your living room will make a real difference. They are going to complete the look and make it easier to spend time in the room throughout the day.

This is a major benefit and something to account for when asking “Do you need end tables?”

Do You Need End Tables

2. Easier for Placing Small Items

Let’s assume you are someone that commonly drinks a cup of tea in the room every day.

This means you are going to want a place to set the cup of tea when sitting down. Most people prefer having an end table for this purpose as they set up a small coaster for their cup.

This is much easier when you have a reachable end table in the room.

Whether it is a cup of tea or a remote control, it is always nice to have an accessible end table to place them on.

The same applies to anything else that has to be within your reach when sitting.

For example, you may want to put your remote control for the TV on the end table. This is only possible when there is an end table for the purpose!

Do You Need End Tables

3. Act as an “End” Point for the Furniture

When asking “Do you need end tables?” you will also want to think about the endpoint.

This means when you are looking across the room, where does it all end? Does it all flow the way you want it to?

Sometimes, the end table works well in completing the look.

The eye tends to travel from one end to the other in a room and end tables act as a break making it a more complete interior design.

This is ideal because otherwise, it may look like you threw everything together and hoped for the best!

End tables do a good job of completing the look and make it easier for the eye to understand what you’re going for.

1. What Can I Use Instead of End Tables?

Alternatives for end tables include single stools, ottomans, a pair of poufs, a c-side table, or a cluster of side tables.

2. What are End Tables Used For?

End tables are used for a wide array of purposes including holding lamps (lighting fixtures), drinks, and other decorative items.

Final Thoughts

Do you need end tables?

End tables are not a must but they are useful in a lot of situations. It comes down to making sure you do use either end tables or one of the many alternatives that are out there for your room.

This is the only way to make sure the room is complete even if you are not setting up end tables.

A good end table does make a difference, so if you are running out of options, this one is going to work for generations to come.

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